A British expert in helping women globally to reach the top in the workforce is to lead the first session of an international women in leadership conference in the US.

Dr Liza Howe-Walsh, a human resources specialist at the University of Portsmouth, will lead conversation with so-called ‘C-suite’ women – those whose job titles start with ‘chief’ – most often, the CEO.

Dr Howe-Walsh will draw from those at the top their insight on leading an organisation, how they find solutions, create harmony and work toward the greater good.

She will also ask them how their organisations ensure senior managers reflect the diversity of their communities and what advice they have for women wanting to rise to senior management.

The Women and Leadership Conference, on 16-19 June in Santa Cruz, California, will be attended by more than 200 women.

Dr Howe-Walsh said: “I hope to use my role in the conference to tease out the details not just about how these leaders lead, but how they help make their organisations work to benefit local and global communities.

“I am passionate about supporting women in their careers. I have benefitted from 15 years’ experience as a practitioner, including working globally for PwC and over a decade in academia. I have seen differing approaches to developing women and building networks of support and taking best practice from both offer a wealth of opportunity.”

She will also help lead a workshop looking at how we form impressions of women and work on ways to overcome negative bias.

Dr Howe-Walsh is a senior lecturer in the Department of Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management in the University’s Business and Law faculty. She has previously led workshops to help women develop the skills to rise in their organisations in Canada, Cayman, the Middle East and in the UK.