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1 February 2021

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The figures are shocking - 14% of all murders are committed by a current spouse or partner, with former partners responsible for one in seven murders.

“Meet Marry Murder” is a TV series on Sky Crime+Investigation, it explores some of these devastating crimes with the help of Dr Brian Frederick, a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Policing at the University of Portsmouth.  Dr Frederick is one of the experts who appears in "Meet, Marry, Murder”. The series is produced by UK-based 'First Look TV' and investigates real-life cases of intimate partner homicide.

Dr Frederick makes his series debut today - 1 February 2021 in two separate episodes.  At 2.00pm he discusses the murder of American politician Kathy Augustine, who died after being given a paralysing drug by her husband Chaz Higgs. In the episode airing at 8.00pm Dr Frederick gives his insight into the case of Tia Young, a woman who teamed up with her lover to murder her husband.

In a short podcast from University of Portsmouth, Dr Frederick explains more about spousal murder, the cases that have most shocked him and what, if anything, could be done to spot the signs and give help to people before they become victims.

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