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your students' best begins at university

Explore the reasons for getting degree and help your students learn about the opportunities they'll get at university

Learn in amazing facilities

Our students have access to the latest facilities during their undergraduate studies. Going to university means accessing a range of facilities that are relevant in future careers and enjoying an often limitless library of resources.

Become a subject expert

The academics supporting your students will be experts in their fields. They'll learn from people that have dedicated their career to answering the questions your students have, and help them work towards similar accomplishments. 

Support when needed

It's ok to need a bit of extra help every now and then. Our network of support is there to ensure students feel happy and healthy as they focus on their studies, with access to things like wellbeing, learning and careers and employability services whenever they need it.

Take up new hobbies

University is also about having a good time. That means putting the books away and getting involved in the student experience.

Join a society, lead a sports club to success and/or volunteer – there are plenty of ways to relax and have fun.

Friends forever

Studying at university is a fantastic opportunity for your students to bond with people from all over the world.

They'll make friends for life, and broaden their horizons to new diverse lifestyles, backgrounds and cultures.


Going to university is an amazing chance to live somewhere different and exciting. Depending on the type of course, or where your students want to study, they may find themselves close to home or further afield.

They could also spend a summer overseas or go away for a whole year during their course to another country.

Become independent

For many of your students, going to university will be their first time living away from home. That can feel daunting and liberating all at once. But this unique experience will give them valuable skills that they'll use throughout their lives.

Whether it's their first time cooking, doing the laundry or budgeting, they'll become independent and grow as individuals.

Pursuing a specific vocation

Subjects likes medicine, nursing, dentistry and related fields, engineering, law and architecture typically require a degree.

So if your students want to have careers in fields like these, they many need to consider higher education.

Gain transferrable skills

As your students live, work and study at uni, they'll pick up loads of useful transferrable skills that will help them in their future careers.

They'll get better at things like teamwork, problem-solving, time-management, presenting and critical thinking. And they'll have access to support services to help them develop and apply these skills.

Work experience

At university, your students will have lots of opportunities throughout their degree to get work experience and improve their employability skills. That could include short work experience placements, or a year-long industry placement, depending on the course.

If enhancing their CV and work experience is important to them, then have them keep this in mind while they're evaluating a course.

Boost career prospects and earn more

Getting a degree unlocks doors to exciting careers. And your students are more likely to have higher salaries within their careers if they have a degree.

At Portsmouth, our students get access to our Careers and Employability Service from the moment they register until 5 years after they graduate. 9 out of 10 of our students are in work and/or further study (HESA Graduate Outcomes Survey 2018/19).

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Studying at university is a very individual experience.

One that could change your student's lives in many ways. Some may choose to go to uni to pursue a particular career. Others to make new friends and live somewhere amazing.

Whatever the reason, going to university can give your students new opportunities. And for any of them still wondering if it's the right decision for their future – this page looks at the benefits of going.

Reasons to get a degree

The career benefits

The personal benefits

The academic benefits

Useful support for students

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