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Find out more about how Dr Claire Nee's Virtual Burglary Project is using the latest technology to prevent burglaries

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Using virtual reality to understand the mindset of a burglar

Could virtual reality help to prevent burglaries?

Watch Dr Claire Nee, a Forensic Psychologist at the University of Portsmouth, use virtual reality to understand the mindset of a burglar while they're committing the crime.

Virtual burglary project news and features

How Virtual Reality could help cut crime
FEATURE | Discover how Dr Claire Nee's pioneering Virtual Burglary Project uses simulated environments to understand the behaviours, thought patterns and emotions of burglars

Crime fighting just got easier, as burglars reveal all
NEWS | A new study by Dr Claire Nee is the first in the world to ask burglars to scout a virtual neighbourhood, choose a house to break into, and ultimately burgle it

Desire for excitement fuels young offenders to commit crime
NEWS | Young burglars are driven by a desire for excitement when they initially commit crime, according to new research from the University of Portsmouth

One in 10 burglary victims moves house
NEWS | Being a victim of burglary has such a profound effect on some, that more than a million in the UK moved house after, according to new research supported by Dr Claire Nee

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