The Creative Writing team at Portsmouth are engaged in fiction, travel writing, poetry and screen writing at local, national and international levels. Each of the academics strive to forge a vivid practice as research perspective and thus combine ambitious creative work with and serious critical writing outputs.

Some of the staff are engaged with the editorship of internationally significant literary periodicals such as The London Magazine and the Writing in Practice journal. Others have research projects of a more local resonance in the fields of writing for good mental health (‘Inkwell’) and a Portsmouth magazine (‘Star and Crescent’).

Our commitment to the living utterance of writing ranges from our poetry performance evenings, through assured public discourse in defence of writing as an academic subject, to keynote speeches regarding literature’s power to explore reconciliation.

We have crucial experience of funded, collaborative and interdisciplinary research. Furthermore, our scholars see their own writing as transcending the public/academic divide.

For, as practitioners, each member of the team has a broad and varied publishing profile, and therefore a keen knowledge of the publishing industry.

Together we have a spreading network of  contacts with other writers, publishers and critics of the highest eminence.

Most of our Creative Writing academics are consciously eclectic in their practice and consider themselves to be poets, short fiction authors, novelists, reviewers and non-fiction authors at the same time.

Our outputs continue to offer experimental, challenging and innovative utterances, across all forms genres.