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Our next generation of talent can support your business

Grow your business with the latest industry skills and research by recruiting our students and graduates.

Our students and graduates can bring the latest skills and knowledge to your business through placements, student consultancy projects, and part-time roles and seasonal jobs.

Our Careers and Employability Service has a team of Graduate Recruitment Consultants to guide you through the recruitment process, and an online platform where you can advertise part-time jobs. You can also contact our placement officers to find placement students eager to apply their studies to the workplace.

Government funded graduate recruitment

Government funding through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Scheme is available to support projects undertaken by a graduate that help a business tackle a particular issue. These projects are guided by University of Portsmouth academic expertise and facilities. If you'd like more details of the KTP Scheme, please contact our Research and Innovation Services on ris@port.ac.uk or +44 (0)2392846191.

Benefits of working with our students and graduates

  • Get personalised support from our Careers and Employment Service and our Placement Officers
  • By offering placements, you'll meet prospects for future employment, which could reduce recruitment costs
  • Placement students have access to the latest research and industry trends
  • Students working part-time roles and seasonal jobs are often flexible and can work weekends, evenings and weekdays
  • Raise your profile among our students as a graduate employer

Recruit our graduates

Our graduates have the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in industry, and we can help you recruit them.

Our graduating students, 15 July 2019
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Offering a work placement

Looking for fresh ideas and boundless enthusiasm? Hiring a placement student can help your business secure both.

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Advertise part-time or seasonal jobs

Many of our students work part-time alongside their degrees, where they can put their learning into practice.

Student in Architecture office
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Consumer research project

Get consumer data and marketing insights from our postgraduate marketing students to help you improve your business marketing.

Students working on a project
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Business consultancy

Use the expertise of our students to develop your small to medium sized business and get advice on improving your sales and processes.

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Support for architecture projects

Our in-house architectural consultancy can help you deliver your next architecture project using the knowledge, tools and skills staff and students develop at Portsmouth.

Ground angle view of a tall building with sinuous architecture, jutting windows and glossy exterior panels
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Portrait photo of Aleks in a studio space.

Get involved in our research

If you've worked with some of our students already, we're interested in hearing from you.

We're researching best practice in Student Engagement in Knowledge Exchange (SEKE) in business, law and the creative industries. Our aim is to make these partnerships better for everyone. 

A best practice guidance and toolkit of online resources will be freely available to students, academics and collaborators.

Find out how to get involved in this project.