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Our Printing Services team provides quality printed materials and support to our staff and students, as well as schools, colleges, public authorities and local businesses. We'll work with you throughout the entire printing process, from planning to final print, so you're happy with what we deliver.

We produce on-demand printing, from single items to bulk orders. We provide set unit costs to help with budgeting and can deliver print works according to pre-set sizes and specifications.

We also print high volumes for other organisations and develop bespoke solutions in 5 business days. We have the equipment and expertise to print on all kinds of materials for any project, including business stationery, window graphics, signage, flags and pull up banners.

Environmental sustainability is important to us, and all our printing materials and practices are manufactured and designed from sustainable and controlled sources.

How we work

We have an internal production process that turns around print projects on materials including paper, vinyl, plastics and canvas, all in-house in roughly 48 hours.

For more complicated bespoke designs, we develop print specifications with you to make sure we meet your needs and deliver the best product.

For specialist designs we can't deliver internally, we have a European vendor base we use to source the materials and printing for projects such as long print, billboards and backlit street signage. We can turn projects like these around in roughly 5 working days.

The way we work is as much about building relationships with our clients as it is printing. We actively consult with you at all stages of the process, keeping things clear and transparent from the first conversation to putting the finished product in your hands.

Whether it's a single piece of printing or higher volumes, we're flexible when it comes to quantity. You can order the exact amount you need and get the right price, every time.


We can print on materials including paper, vinyl, plastics and canvas, as well as other materials on request. Our 1-to-1 consultations with you covering both design and material means we'll deliver in a time and cost effective manner.

For more complex works, we'll ask you questions such as:

  • How will you be using these prints?
  • Does your printing also need to be digital friendly?
  • How can we make your job sustainable?

Our printing services team can give you the help and support you need to produce all kinds of projects. If you're a student, we can produce everything you'll need while at university, such as project submissions — for example, literature reviews, government papers or art project – and thesis binding.

We also cover all the key print-out materials you'll need as a member of staff or an external organisation, including:

  • teaching materials — university class material and booklets at schools and colleges
  • stationery — custom-design printed paper, business cards, personalised book and notepads
  • leaflets — from open day information and clubs and societies to community meetings.
  • brochures — for conferences, local bulletins, charity events or cultural meetups
  • internal communications — such as letterheads and reports for universities, councils and businesses

Additionally, we're experienced in specialist projects you normally don't get at a university printing service, such as:

  • permanent signage — from sandwich boards to billboards
  • pullout banners — from flags to full exhibition stands;
  • door signs — both externally like houses and office blocks to internal signs like conference rooms
  • vinyl glass wraps — for internal displays in offices through to external building wraps
  • printed drapes — such as our 30ft hanging drapes as part of the D-Day Story
  • building mesh — wire mesh used to reinforce constructions and section off work sites
  • glassware — for public displays through to trophies and commemorative pint glasses
  • we also keep copies should you want more later or to build on the old design

Prices and access

We make sure that pricing for all of our more standard printing is clear, transparent and easy to access. We maintain a flat pricing (plus VAT) for the printing of standard works such as dissertations, theses, flyers, leaflets, posters and canvas printing through our online printing portal.

For specialist works we develop with you through consultation, we have several ways to pay including by University cost code, cash or credit card through web pay or our online portal.

You can also open a monthly account with us, so you can print what you need when you need it and have flexibility each month.

We handle worldwide shipping for our clients, so your work is delivered on-time wherever you need it.


Environmental sustainability is key to how we source materials and print quality products for our clients. We've partnered with Two Sides, a not-for-profit that helps us improve our sustainability throughout our supply chain and printing processes – from tree to page.

We're also removing plastics from our production process, using recyclable plastics where possible, and collecting non-recyclable materials from our clients for reuse.

All our equipment has the relevant ISO credentials, verifying the environmental sustainability of our production line. We also review and renew our equipment every 4 years to make sure we have the latest and most sustainable technology in-house.

Contact us

We're contactable at or you can also give us a call on +44 (0)23 9284 3368. You can also drop in and have a chat at our office on the ground floor south wing of Anglesea Building where we're open 9.00am–5.00pm Monday to Thursday, and until 4.00pm on Friday.


Printing Services

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When you enter the building from the Anglesea Road entrance, take the first left (passing the School of Engineering counter and through the double doors), then the first right. We are at the bottom of the corridor on the left-hand side.