This group of research staff are concerned with investigating some of the critical issues facing contemporary sports management and business. Our interests and expertise fall into the four general areas outlined below. However, there is a lively degree of collaboration between researchers and there are on-going research projects being carried out with the Department of Sport and Exercise Science. In this way we combine discipline-specific and inter-disciplinary approaches to research – often with a practical applications to a range of beneficiaries in professional sports. We run a seminar series each academic year and members deliver Hot Topics presentations and public lectures as well as invited presentations to a range of external audiences.

Research areas

Sports economics

Research here focus on the economics and business of sports. In particular, the sale of Premier League Football Association broadcast rights. Adam Cox won the Neil Rackham Research Dissemination prize for his paper ‘Live broadcasting, gate revenue and football club performance: Some evidence’ published in the International Journal of the Economics of Business. The award was given in recognition of the wide media coverage the research gained. His work on the sale of Premier League broadcast rights has been extended and he is investigating revenue sharing and managerial incentives in professional sports leagues as well as evidence from the Premier League concerning competitive balance and spectator demand.

Sports law

Dr Roger Welch is co-editor of ‘Sports Law’ and his publications have looked at the issue of playing quotas, UEFA’s ‘home-grown player rule’, player mobility and football, racism and the limits of ‘colour blind law’. Portsmouth born and bred, Roger is a proud member of Portsmouth FC’s Supporters Trust.

Sports finance and governance

This is a growing area of interest within sports management and is often linked to the globalisation and commercialisation of elite sports. Alan Graham’s work has already attracted attention from the football media. A joint paper: ‘The European dilemma: Evaluating the implications of Europa League participation on Premier League clubs’ with Adam Cox and Sarah Gilmore was featured in the industry press and explores the tensions of participating in this league for English Premier League clubs. Current projects also include the implications of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations on the English league systems and domestic clubs.

Team performance

This research looks at elite sports and how performance can be secured when revenues are relatively scarce through maximisation of assets. Her work has led to consultancy with a range of clubs such as Bolton Wanderers FC, Newcastle United, Burnley, the Football Association and the Football League Trust. Previous work on the development and training of English football club managers was used by the League Managers’ Association, the Football Association and Professional Footballers Association as the bedrock of their Certificate in Applied Management. She is currently collaborating with Drs Chris Wagstaff and Richard Thelwell in the Dept of Sport and Exercise Science on experiences of sports science staff during periods of managerial change. She is on the editorial board of the Annual Review of High Performance Coaching and Consulting Journal and sits on the advisory panel of the Leaders conferences in London and USA.

Participation in sport

This funded research aims to better understand the benefits of student engagement in sport. The benefits of engaging in sport can be directly or indirectly related a number of positive outcomes, for example, health, social and employability. This research project seeks to provide empirical evidence to test the relationship between engagement in University sport and these positive outcomes.

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