What is research governance?

Research Governance is the broad range of principles, standards and regulations of good practice that exist to ensure and continuously improve research quality across all aspects of research.

Research governance is required to:

  • Safeguard all participants in research
  • Protect researchers and investigators by providing a clear framework within which to work
  • Monitor practice and performance to ensure and enhance ethical and scientific quality
  • Minimise risk and promote good practice
  • Prevent poor performance and misconduct

The University seeks to comply with the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, Universities UK, and has adopted the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) Code of Practice for Research as its own. As a researcher, you'll also find the UKRIO Recommended Checklist for Researchers a valuable resource when planning, conducting and disseminating your research.

You can find the policies, procedures and codes of conduct that define the research governance framework at the University of Portsmouth – and key University contacts – on this page.

Our policies, procedures and codes of conduct

The University Ethics Policy provides a general framework for professional practice and decision-making on ethical issues as they arise in the work of the University. You can find more at our Research Ethics page.

For ethics queries and concerns please contact Dr Simon Kolstoe, University Ethics Adviser (simon.kolstoe@port.ac.uk) or Denise Teasdale (denise.teasdale@port.ac.uk), Research Manager in Research and Innovation Services.

The University is committed to promoting high standards in the conduct of research through the implementation of a number of policies and procedures, these include:

The University’s activities are governed by our financial regulations and procedures, and the relevant policies are detailed below:

We promote and protect access to our research information, through the implementation of policies and procedures, these include:

The University has been awarded the EC Human Resources Excellence in Research Award. The Award is given to organisations which have a robust strategy for improving the career development and management of its researchers.

In May 2017, as part of the 4-year review, we updated our action plan, developed new actions and produced a report highlighting the main achievements. To highlight the work of the Researchers’ Network we have also developed a case study. Below are the documents produced from this process.

The University is committed to ensuring that its research is undertaken in a safe manner. The following policies guide our work in this area:

External funders of research are increasingly seeking assurances from researchers and their institutions that their research is of the appropriate quality. Explore some terms of our funders below:

Dr Simon Kolstoe (simon.kolstoe@port.ac.uk) is the University Ethics Advisor and is the first point of contact for research ethics issues in Central Services and Support Departments.

Professor Bob Nicol (bob.nicol@port.ac.uk) is our Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation – please contact him if you have any concerns relating to Research Integrity at the University.

If you have any questions regarding Research Governance at the University of Portsmouth you should contact Denise Teasdale (denise.teasdale@port.ac.uk), Research Manager in Research and Innovation Services.

And to report a matter relating to research misconduct or make a complaint using the University’s Whistleblowing Policy, please contact Adrian Parry (adrian.parry@port.ac.uk), the University's Director of Corporate Governance.

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