Graduates in Guildhall Square

Your options for Graduation 2021

Choose what type of graduation ceremony suits you best

Planning is underway for this summer’s graduation celebrations for the classes of 2020 and 2021.

We're really looking forward to seeing you either at our inaugural virtual ceremonies in May or July, or in person in July.

In person ceremonies


In person ceremonies will take place at Portsmouth Guildhall between 12 and 29 July 2021.


You’re invited to bring two free guests. This allows us to operate the ceremony in as safe an environment as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate further guests following guidance from Public Health Portsmouth. The ceremony will be live streamed on the University’s YouTube channel for any family that are unable to attend in person. 

Safety checks

On arrival at the Guildhall, there may be appropriate safety checks such as temperature checks, in line with public health guidance. You may be required to let us know that you and your guests are Covid-free in advance and you may have to wear a mask. 

How the ceremonies will work

In the Guildhall you will be seated with your classmates, socially distanced if that is still required by that time. The ceremony will follow and will include a ceremonial procession, and congratulatory speeches. 

Your name will be read out and you will walk across the Guildhall stage in front of your classmates, guests, and members of the academic community. Unfortunately the normal practice of a handshake will not be possible.

We won’t be able to confirm if a celebratory reception is taking place after the event, until closer to the time.

Graduation gowns

You’ll be able to order your academic dress from our official supplier, Graduation Attire, which will be delivered to your home address before the ceremony. We will share a video on how to dress yourself in your robe. 


Marstons, our official photographers will be available to take your formal studio portraits. However depending on government guidance, we’re unable to confirm until shortly before the ceremonies if it will be possible to take group photographs

Staying a part of the university community

You will have an opportunity to join the Alumni community and purchase UoP merchandise from the Union shop. 

If gatherings are not possible

If Government advice is updated, in person ceremonies may not be possible. They will only go ahead if government guidance in July allows, and we may be required to cancel the arrangements at the last minute and postpone to a later time when it’s safe to do so. 

Virtual ceremonies

If you choose a virtual graduation ceremony, it will be held on a bespoke graduation platform, Graduations.LIVE

This is a first for the University and the virtual platform is so much more than just a Zoom call. It will not only host your virtual graduation ceremony, but also offers options to help you celebrate with the other graduates at your ceremony.

This is what you can expect at your ceremony:

Virtual Ceremony, including Wall of Fame and Live Chat

Your Virtual Ceremony gives you the opportunity to celebrate with your fellow graduates and have conversations live in the chat box, congratulating everyone involved just like you would on your normal graduation day. Don’t forget to leave your congratulations message in the Wall of Fame and cheer your friends when their name is shown on screen in the live chat.

Virtual Graduation ceremony

A preview of the virtual graduation ceremony platform

Class Photo

Prepare for your virtual ceremony by creating your Class Photo. Create your Graduation Photo either in your hired academic dress or using the virtual tools to add a mortarboard onto your head before adding yourself onto the Class Photo. 

Grad Clip

Wrap up your University experience with a GradClip. Similar to Spotify’s Wrapped, your GradClip will provide a review of your Graduation experience, and show the shape of your time at the University of Portsmouth. You are then able to provide a mini valedictorian speech for your own personal use or even be featured in the ceremony video.

Celebration Video

Bring together your group of friends to celebrate together in your celebration group. Create your celebration group and share it with your friends. You can then record your celebration, hat throw, or toast video, and add your clip to your celebration group video together. 

Photo Mosaic

Download your graduating classes mosaic. Add your face to your graduation venue mosaic to make your mark in university history. 

Digital Yearbook 

Start your networking journey on the digital yearbook. Answer the variety of questions and connect to your LinkedIn profile to complete your entry. Then kick off your networking with fellow graduates to connect for the future. You never know how a university connection could help you in years to come. 

Gown Hire

Get ready for your family pictures with Gown Hire from Home. Graduation isn’t the same without your official University of Portsmouth Graduation academic dress. Book your gown, hood and mortarboard cap on Graduations.LIVE to have ready for your virtual ceremony and graduation day.  

Merchandise Store

Purchase UoP merchandise from the online store. This is also where you will be able to download or order free copies of the Graduation Programme.

How to prepare for a virtual graduation ceremony

You’ll be invited to register and provided with a link to share with friends and family so they can join you on this special day. 

You will be able to order your academic dress from our official supplier, Graduation Attire, which will be delivered to your home address. We will share a video with you so you can make sure you have your academic dress on properly.

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