Graduation 2023 Photos
- Event Consent Cards Used

Graduation Photography

We know how important it will be for you to capture memories of your special day on camera. 

You and your guests are welcome to take photographs during the ceremony and at the reception. All we ask is that you are mindful of others and do not use the flash. Please look at our Terms and Conditions.

Graduation Attire’s professional photographers will be taking photographs throughout the day and will be offering a range of optional professional photography packages which can be purchased.

Graduation 2023 Photos
- Event Consent Cards Used

What will Graduation Attire’s photographers be covering?

  • The actual moment you cross the stage at the Guildhall. 
  • Formal photography in a studio setting on the first floor of Ravelin Sports Centre. 
  • Informal photographs of everyone celebrating in our reception area.

How do I view my on-stage photograph?

You can view your on-stage photograph at one of the kiosks in Ravelin Sports Centre. You can either scan your GradTag (in your gown) or enter your email address. You can print the image off at one of the kiosks or order a digital download. You will also be sent a link from Graduation Attire so you can view your on-stage photograph after the event. 

Graduation 2023 Photos
- Event Consent Cards Used

Where can I see the informal photographs of the reception?

At the end of each day the informal photographs will be uploaded to a website. From here you can view the photographs and select the images you would like to purchase either as digital downloads or printed copies.

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Photography FAQ's

Ideally, we would like you to pre-book your photography packages online as this will save you time on the day. 

If you do not pre-book, do come along on the day of the ceremony with your family/guests to the studios which will be located on the first floor of the Ravelin Sports Centre. You may have to wait a short time for a studio to be available. Just remember that you need to give yourself plenty of time as we do not want you to miss your ceremony or your graduation reception. 

Book your Photography
Please note that Graduation Attire pays the University a commission. This is standard across the university sector. This commission is reinvested by the University into the running and organisation of the graduation event.

All Graduation Attire’s photographers are experts and will know how to get the best pictures of you and your family/guests.

There are mirrors, so do check how you look before you have your picture taken.

When you have your photograph taken, try to calm your breathing and listen carefully to what the photographer tells you to do. Try not to be distracted by others around you. Avoid chatting, as you constantly blink, and you will have a lot of pictures with your eyes closed. If you are worried about how you smile, then ‘smile with your eyes’. 

The photography packages allow up to two "Poses", with the opportunity for you to arrange additional "Poses" on the day of the event by consulting with the photography team. 

Graduation Attire’s photographers will capture a variety of shots for each "Pose", offering a selection of images from which you can choose.

Definition: Pose - a professional studio shot featuring a certain individual(s) in a certain style. 

We recommend that you have no more than seven people in a group picture.  

Groups with more than seven individuals (graduate included) will be charged an additional £25.00. The maximum number of people we can accommodate in a single photograph is fifteen.

This policy ensures that each person is professionally positioned against the backdrop for optimal presentation. For those of you wanting to have larger groups, we recommend you contact the customer service team at in advance of your ceremony for further advice.

Group photographs take time as everyone needs to be ready to have their picture taken.

Discuss with the photographer if you have a specific group picture in mind.  They will not know what your family/guest dynamic is. Make sure everyone is listening to the photographer as they direct everyone where to stand or sit (if required) for the photograph, and when they tell you they are ready to take the pictures, everyone must stop talking, and look towards the photographer.

There are plenty of locations which we think make for a lovely background for you and your family/guests, there are some suggestions:

  • The iconic image on the steps of Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Among the wildflowers in Ravelin Park
  • A fun image in front of the UPSU flower wall on Gun House Green
  • Somewhere else on campus that holds a special meaning for you.

We also know how amazing the exterior of Ravelin Sports Centre is, we just ask that you do not take photographs right in front of the windows of the swimming pool or gym, as members of the public will be using the facilities.