The University's assessment procedures have been developed to avoid, as far as possible, placing you at a disadvantage. Where appropriate and where possible, further specific provision will be made to ensure that you are given every reasonable opportunity, fairly, to demonstrate your abilities. The necessary procedures are managed by ASDAC who have responsibility for seeing that all necessary adjustments are implemented.

Adjustments apply to all processes associated with both examinations and in-class tests and can include extra time, special seating arrangements, the provision of separate rooms, word processing facilities, amanuensis, rest breaks, hand-held spell checkers and alternative methods of assessment (See Extract from Examination and Assessment Regulations). However, they do not apply to the outcomes of the assessments themselves.

Study skills support for examination and coursework is also provided, with the emphasis on enabling you to address the assessment challenge yourself rather than doing parts of it for you. Thus, for example, techniques for effective proofreading using assistive software are provided, but proofreading itself is not offered as a support service.
Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC)

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