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BA (Hons) Drama and Performance workshop

How to prepare for your drama and performance course workshop

Workshop schedule

Our workshop and interview day is an opportunity for you to get an idea of what is involved in our Drama and Performance course and to experience the way you would work in this area at the University of Portsmouth.

As part of our effort to inform prospective students of our unique offer, we require all applicants to attend one of these afternoons before we'll make an offer.

We'll provide an overview of the course, then break into workshops. After the workshops, you'll have a short interview.

The sessions can take place either on campus in our purpose-built White Swan Building or online through Zoom (depending on the date).

Workshop preparation

If you're interested in studying Drama and Performance with us, please note the following guidance to prepare for the workshop:

  • You'll collaborate with other applicants on devising a piece of theatre in the workshop.
  • Please come prepared to perform a short monologue or piece of movement. The speech can be from any play, but we also encourage you to think beyond traditional dramatic literature and choose a different kind of text to perform (passages from interviews, pop culture, road signs; there are many things that can be considered a text). You'll use your text as an element for a devised performance we'll construct together in the workshop.
  • Do a little library/Internet research around your chosen text, and come prepared to talk informally about your research.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Let us know in advance about any accessibility issues that may affect your participation.

Interview information

We will call you to a short interview during the afternoon in which we will:

  • Give you an opportunity to explain why you are well suited to the study of Drama and Performance
  • Briefly answer your specific questions about the course

Contact us

Any questions? Contact the Faculty Student Recruitment Team.

Phone: +44 (0)23 9284 2990


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