BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Workshop Guide

How to prepare for the workshop part of your course application process

Workshop schedule

Our workshop and interview day is an opportunity for you to get an idea of what is involved in our Musical Theatre course and to experience the way you would work in this area at the University of Portsmouth.

We believe that this is an important part of informing prospective students of our unique offer and so we require all applicants to participate in one of these afternoons before we will make an offer of a place. This year, all workshops are taking place over Zoom.

Workshop preparation 

For this workshop, we are going to use the song ‘We Open in Venice’ from the musical Kiss Me, Kate! (1948).

We have provided two backing tracks for use in your own preparation and in the workshop itself, to ensure that everyone will sing to the same music. There are two files for your use: one is a melody-line track to help you learn the song, while the other is an accompaniment for rehearsal, which we will use in the workshop itself. Because of technological constraints, we cannot play one track for everyone in a virtual workshop, so for your participation in the workshop, please make sure you are able to make use of the backing track when you attend.

While copyright restrictions mean we cannot materially distribute copies of the printed sheet music for this song, we've attached a page of the line to help with your preparations. The musical is very well-known and so, if you would like to source some sheet music for accompaniment, it will likely be available from your local library. All applicants will be required to know the song from memory ahead of the workshop, and as part of their preparation, we'll ask the following:

  1. Study the following Youtube version of the show, starting at 33 mins 45 secs.
  2. Research the original musical, and find out the following:
    • Who were the creative team behind the show?
    • What source material is used for Kiss Me, Kate! and how is this evident in the show itself
    • Research characters and lyrics in the song you are learning, and ensure you know names and places.

'We Open in Venice', to be prepared for the BA (Hons) Music Theatre workshop.

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