A close-up of sculptures on Portsmouth Guildhall façade

MA Conservation Architecture portfolio guide

How to put together a creative portfolio for your course application

Please note

This course attracts applicants from different relevant academic backgrounds, so submitting a portfolio of design work is optional.

What to include in your portfolio

Candidates with a relevant undergraduate degree have the option to submit examples of design work from undergraduate study, in subjects such as architecture and interior design, focusing on their final year. If you choose to include a portfolio in your application, please submit approximately 20 images, and please include a short description with each piece of work.

If you have worked on projects related to historic buildings, please ensure that these are represented. You should not limit the portfolio to ‘presentation drawings’ – evidence of design process, as well as product, will be valued. You should also attempt to provide examples of work that supported your design activity such as theory, technical and professional practice outputs. 

Your portfolio should provide evidence of the range of your representational skills, the breadth and depth of your engagement with design, as well as your intellectual and professional progression. 

Please include evidence of work if you have:

  • experience of professional practice in a related field, such as a specialist architectural practice or surveying practice
  • professional or practical experience of working on historic buildings or sites 

This may include photographs, sketches or examples of professional reports that you have written. Please highlight any interactions you have had with specialist consultants and advisers or with public or private heritage bodies.

What we're looking for

We want your portfolio to demonstrate your: 

  • interest in historic buildings and sites 
  • ability to come up with creative and interesting design responses to historic buildings and sites 
  • use of research to inform your engagement with historic buildings and sites 
  • technical ability in your area 
  • ability to present your work, whether visual or written, in a professional manner 
  • computer skills including rendering
  • drawing by hand and/ or measured drawing skills 

Depending on your experience and qualifications, you may not be able to provide evidence of all of these attributes. However you should aim to provide both visual and written evidence of any previous engagement with the historic built environment in academic studies and/or professional work.

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