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How We MAke Our Decision

Discover how we assess postgraduate applications, and why we're always interested in more than just your grades

We know there's much more to you than your qualifications, and there's more than one route into postgraduate study. When you apply to join us, we assess your application on all the information you give us, not just your academic achievements.

Your personal statement, references and professional experience (if applicable) will all be used by our admissions team when they make their decision. We're not just looking for outstanding candidates on paper – we're interested in the person behind the application too.

We’re committed to treating everyone who applies to us fairly in accordance with our Admissions Policy (PDF).

Here are some of the criteria that matter when you apply to join one of our postgraduate degree courses:

  • past and predicted academic achievements and qualifications
  • your personal statement (if relevant)
  • your references
  • extra-curricular activity such as work-experience, cultural and social life, and non-academic qualifications
  • interview performance (if relevant)
  • portfolio quality (if relevant)
  • admissions test or exam performance (if relevant)
  • extenuating circumstances (if relevant)
  • your enthusiasm, commitment and potential

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