Further education

Teacher presenting to visitors at an Open Day

As a teacher in the further education and training sector, you'll have the opportunity to work with older students, usually aged 16 and over, in institutions such as sixth forms, colleges and training centres.

If that sounds like your idea of a rewarding career, our Further Education and Training PGCE/CertEd offers you a route into further education teaching – whether you're currently working as a teacher or yet to start your teaching career.

Further Education and Training PGCE/CertEd

Our Further Education and Training PGCE is available as a full-time 1-year programme on our campus. If you're already working in the field, you can choose to study on a part-time basis at one of our partner colleges (Havant and South Downs College, Chichester College, St Vincent College campus, Isle of Wight College and Eastleigh College), where you'll teach at least 50 hours per year and be supported by a subject mentor.

We're rated 'Excellent' by Ofsted for our teacher training programmes, so when you graduate you'll be in a strong position to find work as a teacher in the further education and training sector.

When you graduate from the course with your PGCE or CertEd, you'll have a recognised teaching qualification as a teacher in the further education and training sector. You'll also have expert knowledge gained by working closely with course teachers and work-based subject mentors.

For more information on what you'll study and how, visit our Further Education and Training PGCE and Further Education and Training CertEd course pages.

Other postgraduate and professional courses

We also offer other education-based courses that can help develop your professional skills and teaching knowledge, whether you're in-work already or looking to start a career in education.