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Self-isolation Support for Students

What to do if you need to self-isolate

You may need to self-isolate during your time at University, meaning you must stay at home and away from others.

If you have to self isolate you must tell the University by informing:

  1. your MyPort Hub
  2. personal tutor
  3. and the University's central COVID team using this student form 

How to self-isolate in your accommodation

Government guidance says you should self-isolate in one place for the full 14 days, where you can have food and other necessities delivered, and should stay away from others unless you travelled to the UK with them. You must self-isolate at the address you provided on the public health passenger locator form.

This can include:

  • your own home
  • staying with friends or family
  • a hotel or other temporary accommodation

You should not have visitors, including friends and family, unless they are providing:

  • emergency assistance
  • care or assistance, including personal care
  • medical assistance
  • veterinary services
  • certain critical public services

You cannot go out to work or school or visit public areas. You should not go shopping. If you require help buying groceries, other shopping or picking up medication, you should ask friends or relatives or order a delivery.

In England, you must only exercise within your home or garden. You cannot leave your home to walk your dog. You will need to ask friends or relatives to help you with this.

There are more details in the government guidance including exceptional circumstances when you're allowed to leave your accommodation.

Do you need to self-isolate?

If you have coronavirus symptoms or have been contacted through NHS Test and Trace

If you're experiencing coronavirus symptoms, or have been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace system because you've come into contact with someone who has coronavirus, you must immediately self-isolate for up to 14 days. Read the Government's guidelines on self-isolating with coronavirus symptoms.

You must also book yourself in for a test through the Government's national booking portal

Arriving in the UK

Before travelling to the UK please read the Government's guidelines on what you must do on arrival and the current status of the country you are leaving before arriving in the UK, as this is a fast-changing situation.

Currently UK government guidelines say:

  • You must self-isolate or quarantine for 14 days - unless you're arriving from a country which the Government has agreed a travel corridor with.
  • If you have to self isolate when you arrive, you'll need to have booked accommodation in advance, and have completed the Government's public health passenger locator form at least 48 hours before entering the UK.
  • If you need to self-isolate, either in halls of residence or private accommodation, we can provide you with a free 3 day food parcel to keep your fridge topped up while you order in your own.

Help with self isolation

Food parcels

If you have to self isolate, we can provide you with free food parcels for the 14 day period. Each food parcel will last for up to 5 days. The University will arrange for these food parcels to be delivered to halls of residence and private sector accommodation. The University will deliver three hot meals a day to students living in catered accommodation, Rees Hall and Burrell House.

If you have to self isolate for a further consecutive 14 day isolation period, in addition to food parcels, the University will prepare one fresh meal per day per student, chilled and delivered ready to be reheated.

If you need a food parcel, email ResLife on or contact the security lodge 24/7 on 023 9284 3418 with your details including the reason you're self isolating.

Ordering in food

To make sure you have enough food and supplies during your 14 day quarantine, you can order online from supermarkets who'll deliver to you door. All you need is a valid credit or debit card, and you may have to meet a minimum order value to qualify for delivery.

For students living in University halls of residence, The Student Housing Company and Unite Students halls and prefer to do their own online shopping, the University or other provider will assist with getting the food deliveries to self-isolating flats.

Laundry service

If you're self-isolating in halls of residence, for safety reasons you shouldn't use communal laundry facilities.  The University will provide clean bedding to students living in University, The Student Housing Company and Unite Students halls of residence for the 14 day isolation period.

If you have to self-isolate for a further consecutive 14 day isolation period, the University will provide a weekly laundry service at the standard self-service rate.  

To request laundry support, contact your hall reception for details.

Cleaning products

If during your self-isolation you need cleaning products to ensure your accommodation remains a hygienic place to live, we can supply you a package including virucidal spray and cloths.  

Laptop loan

If you don't have access to a laptop for your online learning during your 14 day self-isolation period, you can borrow one through our laptop loan scheme

Other questions

If you have any questions or queries contact for further advice.

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