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Immerse yourself in other cultures

Find out how you could work or study abroad as part of your course, and where in the world you might get to go

Studying or working abroad as part of your course

Depending on what you choose to study, you could have the opportunity to work or study abroad as part of your degree. As a truly global university, we’re strong believers in the benefits of living, working and studying abroad.

And whether you pitch up in Paris, Milan or Shanghai, time spent in a different country could broaden your cultural and professional horizons, improve your language skills, and help you stand out when it comes to starting your career.

You can work or study abroad (but not both) for as little as 2 months or as long as a year, and don’t worry if you can’t speak another language – it isn’t always a requirement.

You’ll have to get the agreement of the School or Department that runs your course, but applying is straightforward.

When you’re away from Portsmouth, your time abroad will carry some form of credit towards your degree here. You’ll also be covered by the University’s insurance, and we’ll always be on hand to help, even if you’re on the other side of the world.

To find out more about how to apply, visit our Study Abroad pages.

Summer schools

Our Summer Schools are another way you can experience life in a different culture while studying with us. You can choose from 3 Summer School destinations:

  • India in December

  • China in June

  • Malaysia in August

Each summer school lasts approximately 2 weeks, and you’ll balance lessons with visits to local places of interest and sightseeing trips.

You’ll also interact with students every day at our host institutions, learn more about the local language and culture, and attend lectures and lessons in subjects as varied as e-commerce, philosophy, art, cookery and martial arts.

Local visits will include notable businesses, schools, art districts, temples, and other famous landmarks. Our staff will supervise and accompany you on the trip so you don’t need to worry about organising things.

To find out more, visit our International Summer Schools page. 
Studying in China as a student