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Applying from Taiwan?

Here's all the information you need to study with us

If you’re from Taiwan and interested in studying in the UK, the University of Portsmouth is a great place to fulfil your ambitions. And if you’re ready to take the next step, we’re ready to help you get here.

On this page, you'll find information about where you can meet us in your region, what you need to do to apply for a course with us and contact details for our people in your area.

Entry requirements for students from Taiwan

If you're joining us from Taiwan, the entry requirements you need to meet will depend on the course you want to study.

We consider all applications we receive. However, to make sure you get the most out of your time studying with us and have the best chance of applying successfully, we recommend the following minimum qualifications:

Undergraduate courses

If you've completed the Senior High School Certificate we'll consider you for admission onto an undergraduate course such as a bachelor's degree via the International College Portsmouth's Stage 2 or Foundation programme. 

Advanced entry requirement

For consideration for advanced entry requirements (Year 2 entry) to an undergraduate programme, you'll need a Junior College Diploma with appropriate grades. For more details, please contact one of our local representatives or email seao@port.ac.uk.

You can also apply with:

A levels

  • Please check your specific course page to find the exact number of points needed. Your A level grades should equal or exceed the total points required. You can use the UCAS Tariff Calculator to work out your total points.
  • Some courses will require you to have studied specific subjects at A level. For example, to study a science course you will usually need to have achieved passing grades in scientific subjects at A level.
  • A level points: A* = 56 A = 48 B = 40 C = 32 D = 24.

International Baccalaureate

  • Most courses will require between 24 and 31 points in the International Baccalaureate (IB), depending on the degree you apply for.

You must have studied relevant subjects and achieved strong grades.

If you have attended a prestigious junior college, you may be considered for advanced entry onto a relevant undergraduate programme. If you have a diploma with a good GPA from a technical college or polytechnic institute, you will be eligible for entry to either Year 1 or Year 2.

You may also be able to join an undergraduate course with other qualifications. We do consider qualifications from a range of sources. Contact us to find out more.

Postgraduate courses

For entry to our postgraduate Master's programmes, you'll usually need to have a Bachelor's degree with a good GPA from a recognised Higher Education institution.

Typical minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements:

  • From 2.8 on a scale of 14
  • From 7 on a scale of 110

Applications from students with a good GPA from private universities will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you don't meet the postgraduate entry requirements, you can do a pre-Master's programme at International College Portsmouth (ICP) for many of our courses.


We'll consider you for a PhD if you have a good Master’s degree and submit a research proposal.

Find a PhD

English language requirements

When you join us, it’s important that you can speak and understand English to the level that your course requires. The specific English language requirements will be on your chosen course page.

We accept IELTS, IGCSE and several other certificates, but don’t worry if you're currently short of the standard required – we offer English Language Programmes that will get you to the necessary level.

What to do next

Ready to start your adventure with us? Whether you know which degree course you want to do or not, get in touch with us now or meet us at an event near you to discuss your next steps.

Our Global Officers are experts in helping students from Taiwan, like you, to apply to join us. Whatever you want to know, just ask.

Representatives and agents

If you want to learn more about studying with us or you want help with your application, you can contact our South East Asia Office in Kuala Lumpur.

Alternatively, you can contact one of our official representatives in Taiwan:

Agents in Taiwan

Intake Education

9th Floor, Unit 6, Building A,
No.360 Wenhua Road, Section 1 Banqiao District,
New Taipei City 220

Tel: (+886) 2 2951 7330
Email: banqiao@intake.education

Website: intake.education/tw


Intake Education

7F-2, No. 38, Bei Da Road
Hsinchu City

Tel: (+866) 3 531 6441
Email: hsinchu@intake.education

Website: intake.education/tw

Index Education Service

8F-2, No.290, Ersheng 1st Rd
Cianjhen District
Kaohsiung City 806

Tel: (+886) 7 726 2466
Email: index.kh@msa.hinet.net

Website: indexedu.com.tw

Studylink Education Advisory Services

56, Ln 317, Feng-Ping 1st Rd
Kaohsiung 831

Tel: (+886) 7 70 190 10
Email: tracy@studylink.com.tw

Website: studylink.com.tw

GetSet Global

4F, No. 287, Bo'ai 1st. Road,
Sanmin District
Kaohsiung City

Tel: (+886) 7 726 3525
Email: kaohsiung@getset.com.tw

Website: getsetglobal.com


IDP Kaohsiung, 10F, No. 189, Bo'ai 1st Rd.m
Kaohsiung 80743

Tel: (+886) 7 311 2280
Email: info.kaohsiung@idp.com

Website: taiwan.idp.com

Intake Education

2F-2, No. 139, Chung Cheng 2nd Road

Tel: (+886) 7 223 8800
Email: kaohsiung@intake.education

Website: intake.education/tw

Intake Education

No. 61, Yi 1st Road
Jhongjheng District
Keelung City 202

Tel: (+886) 2 2424 1973
Email: keelung@intake.education

Website: intake.education/tw

Index Education Service

6F-2, No.42 Chung Ming S. Rd
Taichung 403

Tel: (+886) 4 231 98148
Email: stellatsai@indexedu.com.tw

Website: indexedu.com.tw

Oxbridge Consulting

7F., No. 22, Sec. 1
West Dist.
Taichung City 403

Tel: (+886) 4 232 80806
Email: service@oxbridge.com.tw

Website: oxbridge.com.tw


3F, No.103, Sec 2m Taiwan Blvd
West Dist.
Taichung City

Tel: (+886) 4 2305 5785
Email: taichung@getset.com.tw

Website: getsetglobal.com


IDP Taichung, 3F, No. 375, Sec.2, Taiwan Blvd.
West Dist.

Tel: (+886) 4 232 61722
Email: info.taichung@idp.com

Website: taiwan.idp.com

Intake Education

4F-9, No. 378, Wen Hsin Road
Section 1
Taichung City

Tel: (+886) 4 232 85946
Email: taichung@intake.education

Website: ukeas.com.tw


2F, No.36, Johngshan South Road
Yongkang Dist.

Tel: (+886) 6 302 5951

2F, No.66, Huai'en St
East Dist.

Tel: (+886) 6 236 0591

Email: tainaneast@getsetglobal.com

Website: getsetglobal.com

Intake Education

5F-1, No.88, Chung-Shan Road
Tainan City

Tel: (+886) 6 222 4790
Email: tainan@intake.education

Website: intake.education/tw

Index Education Service

10F, No.261, Sec.3
Roosevelt Road
Taipei City

Tel: (+886) 2 2369 2928
Email: jon@indexedu.com.tw

Website: indexedu.com.tw

Oxbridge Consulting

37F, No. 7
Section 5
Xinyi Road
Xinyi Dist
Taipei City

Tel: (+886) 2 8758 2966
Email: service@oxbridge.com.tw

Website: oxbridge.com.tw


3F., No. 156, Xinyi Road
Section 3, Da'an District

Tel: +886 2 27017692 #13 Email: taipei@getsetglobal.com

Skype: y58339 Line: @chr4824m

Website: getsetglobal.com


IDP Taipei, 6F, No. 289, Sec. 4,
Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da-An District

Tel: (+886) 2 2773 8111
Email: info.taipei@idp.com

Website: taiwan.idp.com

PDVL Overseas Advisory

6F., No. 2, Sec. 3, Bade Road
Songshan Dist
Taipei City

Tel: +886 2579 4358
Email: weijun@pd-vl.com

Website: pd-vl.com.tw

Intake Education

Zhongxiao Office

7th Floor
No. 169 Zhongxiao East Road, Section 4
Tapiei 106

Tel: (+886) 2 2370 9780

Email: taipei.office@intake.education

Banqiao Office

9th Floor, Unit 6, Building A,
No. 360 Wenhua Road,
Section 1 Banqiao District
New Taipei City 220

Tel: (+886) 2 2370 9780

Email: banqiao@intake.education

Website: intake.education/tw

WIN Education

9th Fl, No.68, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd
Zhongzheng District

Tel: +886 (0)2 2367 8616
Email: vance.chen@win-ed.com.tw

Website: win-ed.com.tw

Intake Education

5F-6, No. 11, Ta Tung Road
Taoyuan City

Tel: (+886) 3 338 4716
Email: taoyuan@intake.education

Website: intake.education/tw


Events in Taiwan

We don't have any current events planned in Taiwan, but we do plan regular events so check back here often for more information.

You can also contact our staff for support, or speak to an agent in your region for more assistance.