An Unconditional Offer shows how much we believe in your potential – and it's a chance for you to focus fully on your exams, with the security of a guaranteed place behind you.

Please note our Unconditional Offer Scheme is now closed. All applications received by the UCAS deadline on 26 January 2022 will still be considered for the Scheme. If you've already received your offer, you can read all about our Unconditional Offer Scheme below. 

Already received an offer from us?

If your Unconditional Offer Scheme email has arrived, you’re just a few steps from confirming your place with us.

First make us your firm first choice on UCAS Hub. Once you do that, we'll upgrade your offer from conditional to unconditional. That’s it.

When it’s time to sit your exams, there’s an added incentive of our Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship – £1,000 awarded to high-achieving Unconditional Offer holders who meet or exceed their predicted grades.

Ready to make us your firm first choice? 

How it works

First, our admissions team reviews all the applications we receive. We then make conditional offers to applicants who meet the entry requirements of their chosen course(s).

At the same time, they'll advise a small number of applicants – based on their achievements to date, predicted grades and current teachers’ assessments – that they're eligible for our Unconditional Offer Scheme.

If we decide you're eligible for our Unconditional Offer Scheme, then it's proof of how strongly we believe in your future – and we expect you to feel the same way about us. So to benefit from the Unconditional Scheme, you'll need to make us your Firm choice.

Once you do that, we'll upgrade your offer from conditional to unconditional, so you can focus on your final year of pre-university study with the security of a guaranteed place. 

As an Unconditional Offer holder, you'll also be at the front of the queue when it comes to choosing your room in halls.

The Unconditional Offer Scheme is open to students from the UK.

When I was awarded the Scholarship it felt like all the work I had put in to get good grades and to get into university had paid off, and that I was being rewarded for it. But also it meant that I wouldn't have to worry about money when supporting myself at university. I spent the money that I got from the Scholarship on a new computer to help me with my studies.
Caitlin Caffry, BSc (Hons) Criminology with Psychology

If you have an offer through our Unconditional Offer Scheme and you meet or exceed your predicted grades, you'll receive a £1,000 Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship award.

Full terms and conditions of the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship