Welcome to the UP for Uni Virtual Summer School

The Coronavirus situation means you can’t join us in person - but while you stay at home for now, we’re excited that you can join us virtually instead.

There's lots to get involved in throughout the week with new content released on different days - you can access each day via the links below. The links to each day of the Virtual Summer School will go live on the day so, if you don't see a link yet, remember to check back on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to access the different content.

Get ready for our live webinars

There are 4 webinars for you to check out:

If you have any questions, please contact us at upforuni@port.ac.uk or speak to us on live chat.

Download your Digital Scrapbook

This interactive document lets you make notes and complete some activities - so you have your own record of what you got up to as part of the Virtual Summer School. Download and save a copy before you dive into Day 1’s activities!

We challenge you!

Throughout the week, there'll be lots of challenges for you to complete. Some are about student life and uni, and others are just for fun! There are some prizes available, so we encourage you to share your challenge attempts with us on your instagram stories, tagging us @nextstepuop.

The challenges will appear on the Virtual Summer School webpages and on social media - keep an eye out and wherever you see the Challenge Alert! icon, you have an opportunity to win a prize! They’re also listed in your Digital Scrapbook.