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Degree Apprenticeships

Find out about degree apprenticeships and Master's degree apprenticeships including the benefits for employees and employers.

Degree apprenticeships allow employees to work while also studying part-time for a full Bachelor's or Master's degree.

They combine the academic study from a traditional university degree with the practical on-the-job experience and employment skills required for a successful career.

The government and employers pay employees' tuition fees, so they won’t need a student loan to fund their studies. They’ll also earn a salary from their employer while they study.

Degree apprenticeships were developed in a partnership between the Government, employers and universities. They build on the success of Higher Apprenticeships, which also enable people to study up to degree level.


For employers that pay the apprenticeship levy, degree apprenticeships are funded by apprenticeship levy funding. (From April 2017, UK companies with an annual pay bill of more than £3,000,000 will contribute just under 0.5% of their total pay bill to this fund.)

For businesses that don’t pay the levy, the Government subsidises up to 90% of the cost.

The Government pays 100% of the cost for businesses with fewer than 50 employees if the employee is aged 16-18 at the start of their apprenticeship. There are also situations where the Government will pay the full cost for older employees.

Why degree apprenticeships?

Benefits for employees

  • Put what you learn into practice: You’ll be able to apply what you learn on your Bachelor's or Master's degree in the workplace.
  • No tuition fees: Your employer and the Government pay for your study.
  • Access to university services and community: You’ll enjoy all the benefits of being a student at the University of Portsmouth, including complete access to library, study support, sports and recreation facilities, and the Students’ Union.
  • Earn while you learn: Your employer pays you a wage throughout your apprenticeship.
  • Flexibility: Courses include a combination of online and University-based learning.

Benefits for employers

  • Low cost: Courses are funded by your levy account or government co-funding.
  • Develop existing talent: You can enhance existing employees’ knowledge and skills so they can progress to more senior roles.
  • Attract new talent: You can fill skills and knowledge gaps in your organisation.
  • Enhance your reputation: You’ll be seen as an organisation that’s serious about developing its workforce.
  • Develop employees’ core skills: Degree apprenticeships develop project management, problem solving and leadership abilities, as well as more specific, degree-related skills.
  • Improve business performance: You can work with the University to develop courses that benefit your organisation.
  • Contribute positively to society: You’ll help fill the skills gap in ‘UK Plc’.
  • Up-to-date skills: Most courses are professionally accredited to make sure they match the needs of employers in today’s challenging business environment.
  • Quality assurance: All courses include an independent end-point assessment.

Degree apprenticeships at the University of Portsmouth

We launched our first degree apprenticeship in 2016.

From September 2017, we’re offering six degree apprenticeship programmes including one Master's degree apprenticeship:

At the University of Portsmouth, we have strong relationships with business and industry through research programmes, innovation and knowledge transfer partnerships, undergraduate job placements, and graduate employment schemes. This means we can develop Bachelor's and Master's degree apprenticeships that meet the needs of businesses and their workforce.

Degree apprenticeships vacancies

Apprentice Building Surveyor, Hampshire County Council (closes 31 July 2017)

This is a five-year degree apprenticeship. You will usually work four days a week at the council with one day per week studying for your BSc (Hons) Building Surveying degree at the University of Portsmouth. Apply directly to Hampshire County Council.

Degree apprenticeship events

You can also find out more about our degree apprenticeships and Master's degree apprenticeships at our degree apprenticeship events for students and employers.