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Research at Portsmouth addresses fundamental questions for society

Thematic areas

Our research and innovation culture is dynamic, externally focused and responsive. We have launched five thematic areas which are designed to galvanise existing and new research avenues across the University and to add value by establishing new collaborative partners, both within and outside the institution. Working with you, we look for new opportunities, create and test new ideas, explore alternative applications of our existing ideas and deliver economic growth through innovation.

Our research themes represent our commitment as an institution to be a global citizen, to identify and solve global challenges and to enrich the lives of everyone. The research themes embrace and expound the importance of working together across all disciplines to provide innovative approaches to global issues, meeting current and future needs of the planet, society and economy.

The thematic areas provide a framework to deliver our mission to create, share and apply knowledge to make a difference to individuals and society.

Our five thematic areas:

  • Democratic Citizenship
  • Future and Emerging Technologies
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Security and Risk
  • Sustainability and the Environment
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