Multicoloured spools on an overlocker

A Research Futures webinar with Sebastian Devaraj

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It does not come as a surprise: the global Pandemic has further exposed the most vulnerable. Amongst them, textile workers, as the mere tools of an already hyper exploitative system, are paying the high price of fashion. Under the pressure of the global supply chain and faced with the side effects of Covid-19, a number of countries are unable to protect their workers against illness while, out of job, their very right to life is at risk.

What could then be the role of tripartite social dialogue to restore dignity at work?

Building upon a long experience as social activist and unionist Sebastian Devaraj, Head of Fedina, the Bangalore based civil society organisation, will be in conversation with Prof. Leïla Choukroune to discuss the main challenges of the textile industry in India and the possible responses to the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.

Watch Research Futures: Sick Fashion on YouTube.

Research Futures: Sick Fashion