Our new interdisciplinary research webinar series – Research Futures

The extraordinary circumstances we currently face call for renewed research and thinking. Interdisciplinary research is particularly relevant to address the pressing issues of our time and reflect upon pathways for the future. This intellectual journey is key to the development of our own scholarships as much as it is to the evolution of our University.

The Research Futures webinar series will trigger and further this dialogue between disciplines, facilitate interaction while in isolation, support our researchers' projects, and create fruitful conversations.

The webinars take place on Wednesdays 2.00pm – 3.00pm. Everyone is welcome to join. You can watch the webinar recordings by selecting the topics that interest you below. 

Contribute to the Research Futures webinar series

  • If you would like to contribute to the Research Features series, contact Professor Leïla Choukroune – leila.choukroune@port.ac.uk

Upcoming webinars

Previous webinars

Standing Up for Rights

Agency and Inclusive Practices with Members from Ethnic Minority Communities

Ms Sonia Carr and Dr Wendy Sims-Schouten
Ethnic women
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Women at Work: Pathways for Dignity and Resilience

Dr. Sutirtha Sahariah
four women in cultural dress
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Organizing Solidarity in Times of Disruption

Dr Hamid Foroughi
L-0319-Library Shoot
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7 October: In the Key of She: exploring the career experiences of women electronic music (self) producers

Professor Samantha Warren
student and teacher in a music studio
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30 September: Sick Fashion

Sebastian Devaraj
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Combating gender based violence during conflict

Tonny Kirabira
Three members of staff having a meeting
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Cultivated Invisibility and Migrants Experiences of Homelessness

Dr Simon Stewart
Aerial Photography; July 2019
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An Introduction to Human Rights at Sea

David Hammond
a group of colourful rowing boats sitting on the shore with the sea in the background
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Women's Rights & Family Life in Bangladesh

Dr Tanjina Sharmin
Person building a tower with plastic blocks
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Uncovering New Perspectives

Novel Reading During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Lockdown Reading Project

Creative Writing Southsea Library. September 2019
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Chinese "Fansubbers": How Moviefans Translation has Survived the Test of Time

He Yuan
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23 September: Ancient DNA Analysis: how life lingers on

Dr Garry Scarlett
selection of bones
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The end of the great acceleration — and why it’s good for the planet, the economy, and our lives

Professor Danny Dorling

Deckchairs on Southsea beach
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Iran’s State Media as a Weapon of Mass Suppression

Omid Shams, an Iranian writer in exile, a member of Danish PEN and law academic at the University of Portsmouth
Press & Media; Portsmouth locations; 15th July 2019
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Heritage in times of crisis: a perspective on conflicts and their impact on cultural heritage and values

Dr Tarek Teba
Mary Rose Heritage Event; 7th June 2019
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Why is the night sky dark?

Professor Bob Nichol

A telescope looking out into the night sky
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Exploring the urban mindscape: cities and the supernatural imagination

Dr Karl Bell
View of Portsmouth Guildhall
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How Linguistics can shed light on citizen science communities

Claudia Viggiano
Law Photoshoot;19th November 2018
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The Language of Religious Motherhood Blogs

Dr Helen Ringrow
Student working on a laptop
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Researching with the Community: Uncovering a 'Hidden History'

Dr Laurel Forster
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Family Stories in Communities and Schools

Dr. Emma Maynard
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Human Connections and Flourishing

Suresh Nanwani
A group of people laughing together, stood against a blue sky and the Spinnaker Tower
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Law and Economics on a Global Scale

Race and Post-Colonialism

Race v Caste

Dr Ramani Garimella
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The coloniality of law and the (unintended?) construction of international criminals

José Henríquez Leiva
The back of a barrister in court wearing a peruke
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Black Critique, the human and alternative archives

Professor Anthony Bogues
a hole in a stone wall
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The Making of Empire through Racialised Capitalism

Dr. Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan
Statue of Queen Victoria with Civic offices in the background
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The Abolition of Slavery: Past and Present Echoes

Dr Bonny Ling
Chains that have been padlocked
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Sustainability and the Environment

Solutions For Lost Plastics in the Circular Economy

Semih Sagmanli
Plastic bottle caught in waste
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How do we stop the oceans from drowning in plastic?

Dr Keiron Roberts and Professor Steve Fletcher
plastic pollution on a beach
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Do we need a materiality principle to tackle sustainability challenges?

Dr Michel Leseure
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The Sequencing and Tracking Of Phylogeny in COVID-19

Dr Samuel Robson
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COVID-19 and the challenge of religious freedom

Dr Alexis Artaud de La Ferrière
International Ambassadors, November 2018
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Bodies and citizens in times of pandemics: longitudinal perspectives

Professor David Andress
European union flags
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Development aid policy post-COVID 19 crisis

Frank Matsaert, Professor Tamsin Bradley, Palu Modi and Professor Leïla Choukroune
Flags of the world against blue sky
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COVID19: Has the UK government got it right? What public health policy for sanity emergencies?

Professor Gordon Blunn
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Science and Technology

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Dr John S. Young
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Shedding Light on a Dark Universe

Dr Albert Izard
Solar system map
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14 October: A brief history of artificial intelligence

Professor Adrian Hopgood
VR headset, controller, and keyboard
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From Hook to Skywalker - the progress of prosthetic limbs

Professor Peter Kyberd
robotic hand research
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Space Access and Opportunities

Professor Adam Amara
A telescope looking out into the night sky
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Contemporary Debates

President Biden's First 100 days: Success or Failure?

Dr Erika Hughes and Dr Brian Frederick
Capitol building, Washington DC, USA
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Global Fashion and Covid-19

A special conference
a green cone with tape warning of social distance
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Resilience Through Leadership

Andrew Stewart OBE
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Can INGOs' Publics be the Carrier for a Transnational Public Sphere?

Dr Amandine Hostein
festival of cultures crowd
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The Russian Invasion of Ukraine in International Law

Dr. Cornelius Wiesener
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