Research and Innovation

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turning ideas into Impact

Our researchers tackle some of the planet's urgent challenges. We want to help shape the future and know it takes more than words to make a difference. That's exactly what our research aims to do.

Whatever the research project, our approach is always collaborative. We work across our research themes, departments and disciplines, and with local and global partners in education and industry.

It's our belief in knowledge-sharing that makes our work exceptional. It's what keeps our research relevant, and why we're home to the next generation of world-leading innovators. 

You can download our Research and Innovation Strategy to discover how we're delivering new opportunities through our globally significant research excellence.

Whether you're thinking of joining our research community or you're simply curious about the impact of our research, explore our themes, success stories, research centres, institutes, groups and networks below.  

Research themes

Research features

We've selected 15 stories of outstanding research at Portsmouth so you can discover the far-reaching impacts of our work. Delve into our research features and learn more about some of our researchers who are finding solutions to local and global problems.

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Academics and research impact

We’re busy redesigning our website and this section is still a work-in-progress – but you can still find all the relevant, up-to-date details about our research using the links below. 

Research centres and institutes

Brain Tumour Research Centre
A pair of hands in yellow gloves handling various liquids in vials
Institute of Biological and Biomedical Sciences
A man in white biohazard overalls reading from a clipboard in a room
Institute of Criminal Justice Studies
A close-up of a strip of fingerprints under UV light
Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation
An astronaut in a blue jumpsuit gesticulating at a conference