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Globally responsible, committed to identifying and solving problems, enriching people's lives and creating lasting impact

We want to help shape the future and know it takes more than words to make a difference. That's exactly what our research aims to do. We're making a significant difference in the world. 77% of our research impact was rated as world-leading or internationally excellent in REF 2021

Our belief in knowledge-sharing makes our research exceptional and relevant. Our approach is always collaborative. We work with local and global partners in education and industry. Our media ready experts also regularly contribute their knowledge and expertise to print, broadcast and digital media coverage of the issues their research addresses.

Download our Research and Innovation Strategy to find out how we're delivering globally significant research excellence, and explore our research below.

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Research Areas

Working with industry and academic partners, and across our 5 faculties, our researchers are leading their fields and creating impact.

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Research centres and groups

From enzyme innovation to observing the cosmos, discover where our research takes place.

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Research Themes

Our research aims to make a difference by confronting the major issues and challenges facing the planet and society.

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Our research portal

Access our research database, where you can find all our current research information in one place.
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Research features

Our research has local, national and global impact — read our research features to see the work we're producing, and how it’s making a difference.
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Research culture

Find out more about the principles, values and aims that underpin our research culture here at the University of Portsmouth.
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SOLVE magazine

Read SOLVE and explore how we're searching for radical solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing society and the planet.
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Research seminars

Sign up for inspiring research seminars led by academic staff from the University of Portsmouth and the wider research community.
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Research blogs

Discover the latest insights into our leading five research and innovation themes. Choose one below to explore blogs from researchers, academics, and experts.

Democratic citizenship

Find out how we're helping people exercise their rights in our political landscape, with expert opinions on local heritage, international relations and government.
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Future and emerging technologies

This blog explores new technologies building a brighter future, with topics of virtual reality, technology trends, cosmology and media.
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Health and wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing researchers write about the importance and impact of self-care, sport and exercise, mental wellbeing, diseases and medical advancements.
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Security and risk

Read the latest insights into security and risk in relation to our modern world, with a focus on government regulations, online safety, cyber wars and travel security.
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Sustainability and the environment

Discover insights that could improve the future of our planet, including fast fashion, marine conservation and the fight against climate change.
Wind turbines
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