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Let's make big decisions easier

If your students are thinking about progressing to higher education, use our guides to support them with their choices and future preparations

"Should I go to university?"

It's a question that students have likely thought of or asked, and a popular step for school and college leavers. But deciding whether to progress to higher education is a difficult and personal choice. And one that affects pathways for career planning and personal circumstances like where to live.

We have guides to help make this process more straightforward for your students. Whether they've just started thinking about their future or a little further along – we're here to support on things like reasons to get a degree, where and what to study, learning at university and their next steps after applying to UCAS.

Hear what out students thought about before starting uni

Thinking about uni?

We asked some of our students what their dream careers were before uni, what they're studying now and what they want to do after they graduate.

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