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For many of us, January is the time for New Year’s resolutions, whether that be cutting out chocolate, carbs or coffee. But to what extent do our cravings come down to smell?

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In this episode, we explore the science of smells, and how our noses tell us more about the world than we often give them credit for.

Dr Lorenzo Stafford is Associate Professor in Psychobiological Psychology at the University of Portsmouth. He will be helping us explore how understanding aromas can be a key part in treating addictions, understanding how our taste buds work alongside our olfactory senses, and why Covid-19 taught us to appreciate our sense of smell more.

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This is the 7th episode of series 13 of Life Solved. The final episode of the series will be released on Thursday 25th January.

Host: John Worsey

Producers: Robyn Montague & Glenn Harris for the University Of Portsmouth, Rick Simmonds & Katharine Kerr for Podcast Pioneers 

Production Assistant: Vilma Olofsson


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The Science of Smells | Life Solved

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