Dr Mohamed Bader-El-Den is a Reader in Data Science and Machine Learning.

In 2016, aligning with the faculty's strategic goals, I started the establishment of the DataPort - Enterprise Data Intelligence subject group, originally named Data Science and Analytics subject group. My research and academic leadership have enabled the development of the group's research profile, attracting external funding, creating impact, recruiting PhD students, as well as supporting colleagues. Additionally, the group is home to specialised MSc and BSc courses in Data Science and Analytics that I was responsible for designing and developing. 

Since my appointment as a Reader in Data Science and Machine Learning in 2021, I have successfully attracted external income of approximately £500K from externally funded projects (totalling more than £750,000 as PI and Co-PI over the last 8 years). This funding is mainly from three recent Knowledge Transfer Partnership projects (KTPs). The first project, in collaboration with Fresh Relevance, a UK leader in digital marketing, has developed several pioneering AI and ML methods for consumer behaviour and digital marketing; examples of our methods include [Example 1] [Example 2] [Example 3]. The second project is with Campden BRI, the UK’s largest food research organization, and is focused on developing AI for trend discovery in text. The third project, a recent collaboration with TCL Global, concentrates on using AI to support international university student recruitment.

My research has produced over 80 peer-reviewed publications

Beyond the academic domain, my research has achieved tangible impact. Based on our KTP success, Fresh Relevance was awarded Tech SME of the Year at the prestigious South Coast Tech Awards 2023 (October 2023). This is mainly attributed to our KTP projects. Fresh Relevance’s CEO, Mike Austin, underscored this in his award speech, stating, “This year has been pivotal for us, especially due to our collaboration with the University of Portsmouth, where we embarked on a significant AI project. This partnership has been key in creating AI technology for our products, leading to increased revenue for our clients from their websites” [Award Page]. The KTP's final report also indicates an increase in sales rates due to marketing, targeting a 10% improvement over non-AI-driven methods.

Currently, I am supervising a team of 8 PhD students as the main supervisor. I have successfully supervised 13 students (5 as first supervisor).

Research interests

  • Machine Learning (ML) and Data Mining (DM).
  • Classification and Class Imbalance.
  • Applications of DM and ML in Health Care, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing etc.
  • Evolutionary Computation and Genetic Programming
  • Heuristic, Hyper-heuristics and Meta-heuristic for combinatorial optimisation problems