I completed my Psychology Degree at University of Portsmouth in 1997 and then followed that with a PGDip in Psychological Research Methods. This laid the foundations for my Psychphysiology based PhD which I was awarded in 2003. Otherwise, I have also completed a PGCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

I worked as an Experimental Officer in the Department of Psychology at University of Portsmouth from Jan 2001 until Dec 2004 before spending a year as an Academic Skills Tutor in the Academic Skills Unit. I then returned to the Department early in 2006 to take up a post as Research Fellow which was transferred to Senior Lecturer in 2010 and then Principal Lecturer in 2014.

My main research interests involve using psychophysiological measures to characterise the neural processes which link to personality variables (most notably Jeffrey Gray’s ‘Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory’).

I teach and coordinate the Level 4 'Applying Psychological Research Skills' module and I also contribute to the Level 6 ‘Neuroscience’ module. I supervise Level 6 and MSc project students who are carrying out research using one or more physiological dependent variables. Additionally, I supervise Thanusha VManohor who is a PhD student here in the Department. Lastly, I am currently the Associate Head (Students) in the Psychology Dept.

Research interests

My research specifically focuses on the identification of brainwave (EEG) activity which links to anxious rumination and goal conflict resolution. Additionally, I am interested in the conditions under which the Rolandic mu rhythm is modulated. I am currently working in collaboration with Thomas Lockhart (University of Portsmouth) and Thanusha VManohor (PhD student, University of Portsmouth).