I lecture in Politics, the British public sector, Strategic Management,Youth Violence and Knife Crime, Leadership, basic academic skills and manage student placements as part of my wider role.  Additionally, I lead four modues for the Masters in Public Administration (DL/DA) and the Senior Leader Masters in Public Administration Degree Apprenticeship.  I also lead the Professional Practice undergraduate module and am the Course Liaison tutor in Politics and IR for the MRes. 

My background is in Local and National Government as a manager having had fifteen years in public service, during which time I taught at other universities in Sussex.  My research covers aspects of community safety and policing, with a special focus on knife crime and youth violence.  I have published in this area and my paper "The London Killings of 2018: the story behind the numbers and some proposed solutions" has recently appeared in Crime Prevention and Community Safety. In 2020, my book, "Solutions to Knife Crime: a path through the red sea?" was published by Vernon Press. 

Having led and managed public sector partnerships in my career, I sustain my interest in multi agency partnerships and collaborative working, especially in relation to public safety.  My book chapter which deals with this theme, A time of Change: the expanding role of Police and Crime Commissioners in local criminal justice delivery. has recently appeared in Multi Agency Working in Criminal Justice (2019).  I am now researching into policy transfer with regard to Knife Crime in Britain.

During my career, I ran an EU project in Romania and Bulgaria, in partnership with the University of Macerata in Italy to bring partnership working training to the emerging democracies in Europe, and I retain a strong interest in partnerships and multi-agency groups in many countries.  I also worked with a West Sussex university to co-author the MA in Collaborative Working.  

I achieved my PhD in 2021 with a thesis covering multi agency partnerships, knife crime and policy solutions.

Research interests

My research interests focus on knife crime, community safety and public sector partnerships and groups.  My interests include

  • Youth crime
  • Knife crime
  • Community safety
  • Multi agency partnerships
  • Trust in multi agency partnerships 
  • Collaborative working
  • UK public sector policy