Following an extensive and diverse career in Financial Management covering a wide experience of industries and size of organisation I completed the MBA part time as a more mature student. Although I had not started the MBA with the intention of career change, I enjoyed the experience so much I became an Associate Lecturer. Some twenty years later I am now a Teaching Fellow at the university. I have also had teaching experience at the International College Portsmouth and the University of Chichester alongside my part time work at Portsmouth.

As a Teaching Fellow I now teach Business Accounting to non accountants. I thoroughly enjoy this challenge, where the skills and abilities of my teaching communication are far more important than my technical knowledge. Continuing to develop my ability to engage and give confidence to students is very important to me. 

To this end, I have developed and use what can be called a coaching style of teaching based on Carl Rogers original Person (or Student) Centred teaching theory. I delivered a short paper on this at the University of Chichester's tenth anniversary Learning and Teaching Conference recently.

I am a living example of the power Higher Education has to transform someone's life and enable career change where that is relevant. I now use this in the expectation of enabling every student in front of me to develop their own holistic abilities to enable them to go out into the business world with confidence.