I am currently Associate Dean, Innovation and Business Engagement. This role involves:

  • The leadership, co-ordination, development and stimulation of sustainable innovation and business development activity;
  • The strategic development, financial appraisal and operational management of innovation and business development activity;
  • The development and maintenance of extensive internal and external networks;
  • Academic leadership for the Business Services and Research support team;
  • Liaison with University Research and Innovation Services, other central services and Faculties.

Previous roles have included:

  • Subject Group Leader, Strategy, Enterprise and Risk
  • Business Development Director
  • MBA Programmes Director
  • Subject Group Leader, Strategy and Operations
  • Course Leader, Executive MBA

Research interests

Exit Strategies and Strategic Alliances.

Research/applied research work on Strategy, Business Development and Exit Strategices, supported valuable input to MBA strategy teaching and to supervision of MBA consultancy and research projects.

Non-Executive Director and consultancy experience brings a range of senior management issues into my teaching, and to discuss how organisations are approaching these issues.

Consultancy and previous business management experience also support a more holistic perspective to MBA teaching, and to make an effective contribution to the integrative units.