I was educated at the Horta Salesian School of Barcelona. I received a degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona, a Doctorate in Electronics from the University of Paris, and a PhD from the University of London, University College (1972).

I did research for two years at the Ionospheric Research Group of CNET labs in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris; for one year at ESTEC (ESA), and was with Alcatel Standard-Electric Labs (formerly ITTLS), in Madrid for three years working in linear-versus-circular polarisation for ECS-1. In the late 60’s, and for two years, I was Manager of the electronics group of Schlumberger (formerly Compagnie des Compteurs), in Barcelona.

In 1975, I joined the University of Portsmouth (UK) founding the Microwave Telecommunication Systems research group, and I've been the Chair of Telecommunication Systems since 1985. I am now an Emeritus Professor in the School of Engineering.

Research Interests

My research interests have included line-of-sight and transhorizon propagation, satellite radiopropagation (from OTS to ITALSAT) for communications and remote sensing, and measurement and characterisation of precipitation rate and phase noise in oscillators. I initiated and was involved with the characterisation and measurement of the wideband radio communications channel which included a 15 year transhorizon experiment over the English Channel. Later remote sensing research included correlation of scintillations and radiometric fluctuations in earth-space paths applied to communications and remote-sensing.

Later research included the effects of precipitation (fading and interference) into millimetre-wave radio communications operating in urban and suburban environments. This area of work  was run in parallel with research into a fractal approach to the distribution of precipitation rate as seen by C-band radar (in collaboration with RAL labs),  and the application to diversity reception design.