I am an Environmental Plant Biologist. I studied Biochemistry and Physiology as an undergraduate at the University of Sheffield (1994-1997) an MSc in Environmental Science at the University of Aberdeen (1999-2000) and a PhD at the University of Southampton (2003-2006) investigating the effects of climate change on tree growth, function and leaf fall in the autumn. I have also worked in the teaching profession and the arboriculture industry.

On completion of my PhD I stayed at the University of Southampton as a post doctoral researcher. I worked on a number of projects involved with understanding and optimising the sustainable use of plants as a source of bioenergy, and as a natural resource in sustainable urban planning. Additionally I was also involved in projects linking remote sensing with plant physiology across multiple scales. I joined the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Portsmouth in 2013, where I am a lecturer in Environmental Plant Biology.

Research Interests

The main focus of my research is to develop the understanding of how vegetation responds to changing environmental conditions and I use techniques to study plants from the molecular to regional scales. Specific interests include:

  • The effects of climate change on plant growth and function.
  • Development of remote sensing algorithms for plant yield and stress.
  • The benefits of vegetation in the urban environment.

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