I have graduated from the University of Leipzig (Germany) in 2006 with a BSc degree in Chemistry, followed by a MSc degree in Chemistry in 2008 where I have specialized in protein X-ray crystallography. I have obtained my PhD at the University of Leipzig in 2013 with a structural study of the molecular chaperone DnaK under the supervision of Prof. Norbert Sträter. I subsequently joined Prof. Bert van den Berg’s laboratory at Newcastle University (UK) to learn membrane protein purification and crystallography through studying the structure of β-barrel outer membrane proteins. In 2016, I moved to the laboratory of Prof. Sebastian Hiller at the University of Basel in Switzerland where I have gained expertise in the complimentary techniques of NMR spectroscopy and electron microscopy through my work on membrane protein folding. After completion of two Postdoc positions in 2018, I have worked for a year in industry as a Senior Scientist in X-ray crystallography at Evotec in Abingdon (UK) before returning to academia in September 2019 where I have started my work as a Senior Research Fellow in X-ray crystallography at the University of Portsmouth.

Research Interests

  • Structural characterisation of novel plastic degrading enzymes
  • Enzymatic lignin valorization for the production of fine chemicals
  • Bacterial C1-assimilation for the production of fuels and commodities