Milena Metalkova-Markova is a Bulgarian architect who specialized in history of architecture and heritage preservation in Japan. Her research there was focused on preservation issues of historic wooden townhouses. She has taught architectural anthropology, history of modern architecture and architectural design within historic contexts in Japan, Bulgaria and the UK. She has been awarded several times for her work with students in preservation and urban design – Japan Tohoku International Competition 2nd Award, Japanese Ambassador Award-2018, Historic England angel Award-2019. She is interested in the links between art, architecture and preservation and at present she works as a senior lecturer at the School of Architecture at the University of Portsmouth.




Vice Dean of Research and International Affairs, Faculty of Architecture 2012 -2016

University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria

 Associate Professor 2009 -2019

University of Architecture, CivilEngineering and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria/Department of History and Theory of Architecture

Classes taught: Contemporary Architectural Phenomena, History of Architecture 19-20 century, History of Japanese Architecture

Practicing Architect of Movie Theaters 2007 -2009

Artec Design Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria

§ Projects –cinema halls within shopping malls in Pleven, Varna and Sofia

 Associate Professor 2004 -2007

Akita International University, JAPAN

Classes taught: Architectural Anthropology, Introduction to Japanese Society, Japanese Traditional Performing Arts


Teaching responsibilities

MA Conservation Architecture, MA Work Based Learning Opportunity,  MArch1 Design Studio, BA2 Design Studio, BA2 History and Theory of Modern Architecture