I am currently a senior lecturer in cybercrime and cybersecuirty at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Portsmouth, UK. I hold a Ph.D in Information Systems Management from the University Pierre Mendes France in Grenoble, France. I teach across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules such as Information secuirty management and Global landscape of cybersecuirty.

My main areas of research interest include:

-Socio-technical approaches to information systems security

-Cybersecurity and work systems

-Social engineering and human-related risks

-Usable security

-Design and development of secuirty policies

-User acceptance of security policies and technologies

-Organisational governance for cybersecurity 

-Global governance of cybersecurity

-Sustainability as governance and systemic sustainability issues 

These topics provide opportunities to completment technical and formalised paradigms in the developement and implementation of security policies. These research areas also create opportunities for knowledge tranfert and collaborative partnership with industry and governmental organisations.