I received my PhD in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and work primarily in the domain of political economy of development, with a regional specialisation in India/South Asia. My current research cuts across a wide range opf themes: development politics, state and the market, communism and Marxist political philosophy, land, dispossession, power and cultural identities in contemporary India. I have recently published my first book, titled 'Neoliberalism and the Transforming Left in India: A Contradictory Manifesto' (Routledge), and also regularly publish in refereed journals. Some of my more recent publications are in premier journals such as Journal of Contemporary Asia, Contemporary South Asia, etc. I was awarded a grant in 2017 by the International Institute of Social Studies (Hague, Netherlands) to work on a collaborative project on the rise of authoritarian populism across the globe, and an internal RPF grant for a project on partisan alignment in India. Apart from English, I am fluent in Bengali and Hindi, and also have a basic knowledge of French and Arabic. I also frequently visit various Indian universities as a guest lecturer.    

Research interests

My primary research interests are in the following domains:

  • Political economy of development
  • Democratic institutions
  • Party-politics
  • Neoliberalism and economic reforms
  • Political anthropology
  • India/South Asia
  • Digital ethics and e-governance