Sabrea Oughton Portrait

Mrs Sabrea Oughton


Senior Lecturer in French and Course Leader for Applied Languages BA (Hons).


I grew up and studied in Toulouse, France. I teach French Language from beginner to advanced level and I am also involved in teaching modules related to professional development such as Language for Professional Communication and Learning from Experience. I am passionate about language teaching and learning and I also enjoy my role as Personal Tutor.


Research interests


I am interested in North African immigrants in France, social media and language learning, Business French, developing employability through language learning.

I have  currently been attending workshops on "Decolonising Modern Languages".

Teaching responsibilities


I am currently teaching and coordinating the following modules:


A second year  French language module (French grade 4)

Language for Professional Communication (French)


I am also contributing to the following modules:


Learning from Experience (Tutor and department Lead for SLAL)

French grade 3&4 (intensive pathway/second year)

Nation, Language and Identity (first year)

Researching Language and Professional Practice (first year)

Exploring language and culture (final year)