I am a botanist interested in the origin, variety and maintenance of plant diversity in a number of systems. This includes both species and character/trait diversity, and as such my research involves field botany, collections-based research, as well as molecular lab work and computational tools. 

Research Interests

Currently researching plant biodiversity and the extremes of plant evolution, integrating the use of novel DNA sequencing approaches.----Working on giant monocot genomes, some of the smallest orchids, and diverse tobaccos from arid regions.----Our group at UoP are investigating the genomic mechanisms underpinning angiosperm species and character diversity.----Key interest in polyploidy (WGDs), subsequent diploidisation processes and their impact on flowering plant diversification.

Teaching Responsibilities

I am the Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Biology, within the School of Biological Sciences. I teach botany, as well as evolutionary processes, ecology, development, and genetics on a number of modules, and lead the first-year (L4) module 'Biodiversity & Evolution' (M20000), as well as the second-year (L5) module 'Plant Diversity, Development and Evolution' (M32683). 

Additionally, I supervise BSc and MRes/PhD projects in areas related to my research expertise.