I am an astrophysicist and cosmologist studying how dark energy is affecting the expansion of the Universe. I do this using a phenomenon called strong gravitational lensing, where the path of light from a background galaxy is bent by a massive foreground galaxy to produce multiple images of the background source. The location where the lensed images form is sensitive to the cosmological parameters and the dark matter distribution in the lens galaxy and throughout the Universe. I’m trying to probe all three with observations from the world's leading telescopes.

My research has been funded by the Royal Astronomical Society, University of Portsmouth, Science and Technolody Facilities Council and the Royal Society.

I won the Winton prize in 2020 and the Murdin prize in 2014.

I'm particularly proud of the following papers:

The most precise test of how mass warps spacetime over extragalactic scales

A large catalogue of new gravitational lenses discovered using machine learning

A cosmological model independent measurement of the Hubble constant

A measurement of the equation of state of dark energy from a double source plane lens