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Staff, students and general public needed for study.

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The experiment examines differences in truthful and deceptive behaviour in investigative interviews.

What will participants be doing?

The experiment will be conducted online via Zoom. Participants will be provided with a Zoom link prior to the experiment. During the session, participants will be asked to watch a video and will then be instructed to either tell the truth or lie about it to an interviewer. Participants will complete an automated questionnaire before and after the interview about their experiences, impressions and demographics. This is a one-session experiment that will take approximately 45 minutes.

Participant characteristics:

  • any gender
  • aged 18+
  • staff, student and the general public
  • must have access to a laptop/desktop with a camera function and internet access


Participants will receive £10 for taking part.

Closing date

31 May 2022.


To express interest in volunteering for this project please contact Sara Geci at

For any questions about this project please contact the co-investigator Haneen Deeb at


Ethics code: SHFEC 2022-002