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Our student ambassador, Michaela, shares her top 5 best date nights in Portsmouth

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After trying out all these venues myself, I definitely had to include them on my list of the top 5 date locations that I’ve been to in Portsmouth. All bring a different vibe to your date and all are fantastic in their own way.

1. Clarence Pier

First up on the list we have Clarence Pier. This was the first date that I ever went on with my boyfriend and it’s a great way to break the ice, relax, and have fun (plus they won’t stop playing until they win you a prize!). The arcade there is full of great games to play, from connect 4 basketball, to Mario Kart racing, they have something for everyone. The arcade adds a competitive element to your date, especially when versing each other in the 2 player games they have there. You can even work together on 1 player games by adding a twist such as blindfolding one player and giving them instructions or using the arms of one person and the eyes of the other!

Students enjoying games at Pier Arcade in Portsmouth

2. Treasure trail

Next, we have the Portsmouth Treasure Trail. This creative date idea is original and quirky, taking you on walks through Old Portsmouth and Gunwharf. The trail makes you see Portsmouth in a new light and lets you put your detective skills to the test through cleverly using the historic sights in Portsmouth as clues to solving the mystery. This is a great date idea as it’s fun and gives you the opportunity to talk to one another whilst walking from clue to clue. It tests your teamwork skills and enables you to work together to figure out who was the murderer and what their weapon was (much like a real life Cluedo game!).

3. Spinnaker Tower

Spinnaker Tower boasts amazing views of Portsmouth and that’s one of several reasons it’s on my list. You can enjoy a romantic meal in the Spinnaker Kitchen which has a wide variety of food to cater for everyone! The meal is made even better by the floor to ceiling windows that perfectly frame the panoramic sights of the city and is a great backdrop for those Instagram worthy photos. It’s a romantic date night that makes you feel as if you’re on holiday and is a perfect getaway from the everyday dinner dates.

4. Dice

Dice is such a cool date idea for those of you who love board games as much as I do! As students, you can pay £4 to play as many games as you like which is super cheap and means you have money to spare for drinks and food from their bar. They have such a wide range of games, and the staff will always help you find something they think you’ll enjoy playing. You can choose from a variety of different 2 player games on your date or, if you fancy it, go on a double date for twice the fun! It’s a great way to show off your competitive edge whilst having fun on your date and to break the ice by learning new and exciting games together.

City Guide: Dice Board Game Lounge

5. Bowling

Last, but by no means least, is bowling. I would definitely recommend booking 2 games because, after the first, there was a lot of competitiveness going on! Bowling is a great date night because you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing (comfort over style!), you can break the physical touch barrier by exchanging high fives, and you also get a sneak peak into their nature – are they competitive? Will they let you win? Bowling is the perfect way to find out. At the bowling alley in Gunwharf, you also have the option of sticking around for food and drinks after you’ve bowled which will give you the chance to talk more and get to know each other.