A hand drawing an animation

Find out how studying an animation degree can help you prepare for a career in the creative industries.

  • 18 January 2022
  • 5 min read

Hear from Animation lecturer Mat Garey as he explains why having an Animation degree will give you an advantage in this exciting field.

Being an animator is an incredible career, and one that’s in demand across a range of creative industries including television, film, web, computer games, education, and marketing. 

Consumers are enjoying more entertainment and animation on a growing number of channels like Netflix and Hulu, there are more video games than ever before, and brands continually require animated marketing content. This means the world needs more animators.

Although you don’t always need a degree to become an animator, gaining one will give you hands-on experience with industry technology and a competitive advantage when you head into the world of work. Many companies require you to have a degree.


Animation is a broad subject and I feel that my course does a great job at covering all the areas I'm interested in. It doesn't try and limit your options and instead you can pursue the areas you're interested in without having to specialise immediately.

Immy Goodman, BA Animation student

Studying a degree in animation will:

  • Teach you techniques used in the film industry
  • Give you experience of industry standard software
  • Connect you with prospective employers

Animation is big business with visual communication and entertainment becoming a dominant force in the last 20 years. Consumers increasingly expect better graphics in gaming and stronger visual effects in movies. 

An animation degree provides you with a toolkit of skills to work in a variety of fields. This toolkit is a mix of creative and technical skills, as well as a fusion of arts and technology. Our graduates can write, draw, animate, edit, model, render, paint and much more! 

On the course you’ll learn a range of creative skills, including:

  • Animation principles and production processes
  • Visual storytelling (e.g. directing, cinematics)
  • Observational drawing
  • Animation history and theory

You’ll use industry standard animation software and be taught by staff who have worked in the creative industries as animators, film-makers or effects artists.

Our lecturers are active industry professionals who have directed animations for Disney, Warner Bros., and Cartoon Network, and produced special effects for well known film franchises including Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia.

Once you graduate you’ll have the sought-after technical skills, artistic insight, and platform diversity to apply your talent to any form of visual arts, media or communication. 

Our BA (Hons) Animation degree course is also accredited by JAMES (Joint Audio Media Education Support), a group of industry professionals and employers. This lets potential employers know that you’ll leave university with the relevant skills and abilities needed to work in the animation industry, which gives you an edge over students who didn’t do an accredited course when you apply for jobs.

JAMES reviews our accreditation every 3 years to ensure the Animation course content remains up-to-date with industry trends and developments, so you’ll always be learning skills relevant to your career.

If you study at Portsmouth you’ll be able to practise the techniques used in the film industry, such as the motion capture process used in the box office hit Avatar. You’ll also meet prospective employers and industry contacts by showcasing your work at our student screening in London. 

The animation industry is becoming a more creative and inclusive space to work in, and is wider than just marketing and advertising. Our students have also gone on to become filmmakers, illustrators, concept artists and visual artists. The global animation industry is vast and thriving, and with this degree you’ll be prepared for a successful career anywhere in the world. 

Mat Garey is a lecturer in Animation with over 12 years experience as an animator and artist in the games industry.