Greg Bowen at the University of Portsmouth

Greg Bowen, who completed a BA in Business and Human Resource Management and an MSc in Human Resource Management, reflects on his experiences at the University of Portsmouth.


Why I chose to study at the University of Portsmouth

Applying through UCAS for my undergraduate degree was really straightforward, it didn’t require an interview and the process was smooth. For my master's I had an interview with the course leader which gave a really good insight into the course, what to expect and whether it was right for me!

I loved Portsmouth as a city, it’s beautiful and steeped in history, but with regards to the university itself it had the ideal course for me, offering a hybrid of Business and Human Resources, and after attending the open days and meeting the course leader I was hugely excited by the course, especially the practical elements and the focus on employability and gaining industrial experience to further your career. 

I really enjoyed the practical elements of the course, working with people from around the country and the world! Seizing the opportunity to get involved in the wide range of subject matters. This holistic knowledge has been greatly beneficial in my career so far.

Greg Bowen, HRM graduate

The support I received from the University of Portsmouth 

The placement office when applying for placements was hugely beneficial, helping me to refine my CV and focus on the roles I really wanted. When I came back in my third year, I got a job in the placements office helping second year students in the same way I was helped, applying for placements through CV’s, and running mock interviews and assessment centres.

How Portsmouth sowed the seeds for what I am doing today

The course provided such a great variation of different factors of HR, which has greatly assisted me in the roles I’ve secured so far from multiple areas of HR departments. The assessments have greatly improved my communication, written and presentation skills, and the modern context it gives to a lot of their modules has helped hugely in the digital transformation project I’m currently working on. In my Masters, my dissertation was on Chatbots within HR, which is exactly what I’m implementing in my current role, without it, I would probably not have got this job!

What I am most proud of 

Achieving a Distinction in my Masters was a great achievement for me, particularly after spending 3 years away from university and academic life. I’m proud of the promotions I’ve been able to secure in my organisation, and the world record I broke with the university cricket club remains a staple on my CV. It was a real test of mental and physical resilience, which I think translates to the working world well.

I came out of my placement year a more mature, level-headed student with a real working context to apply to all the knowledge I’ve learnt. It really transforms the way you view theories, frameworks and assumptions in the classroom and I would highly recommend it to any student should they get the chance. Without this experience I may well have struggled to secure the roles I have worked in thus far.

What is my passion, what drives me in my career and in life

I have a goal to be a HR Director, followed by becoming a self employed HR consultant. This goal ensures I am consistently trying to improve myself and my work, applying for promotions, taking on additional courses, stepping out of my comfort zone whenever I get the opportunity, and trying new things.

Always step out of your comfort zone when you get the chance, that’s what makes the comfort zone bigger! Be ruthless and passionate about what you do, and never think any job, grade or goal is unattainable.

Greg Bowen, HRM graduate

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