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6 reasons to do a degree apprenticeship at Portsmouth

Is a degree apprenticeship right for you?

Wondering if a degree apprenticeship is right for you? Here are 6 reasons to do a degree apprenticeship with us.

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1. No need for student loans

The prospect of paying back student loans puts some people off studying for a degree. This isn't the case with degree apprenticeships. Your employer and the Government pay your tuition fees, so you don't need a tuition fee loan to cover your study costs. You don't need a student maintenance loan either, because you'll be earning a salary from your employer.

2. Practical experience

Because you'll be in work, you can apply what you learn on your degree apprenticeship straightaway in the workplace. You'll also get hands-on work experience in your day-to-day role, which you won't get as much of if you do a traditional degree programme.

3. Extensive academic and personal support

You'll get a personal tutor from the University and a workplace mentor. Both will support and advise you throughout your apprenticeship. You'll also get access to the University's student support services:

  • the Academic Skills Unit for support with things like grammar, research and essay writing.
  • the Maths Cafe for help with maths and statistical skills.
  • the Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC), which provides special arrangements, adjustments or support if you have a disability or additional support needs.
  • University counselling, wellbeing and chaplaincy services, if you ever need extra emotional support.

4. Get ahead of other graduates

Because you'll be learning on-the-job with your employer, you'll gain lots of experience to enhance your CV whilst studying for your degree apprenticeship. This gives you an advantage over graduates from full-time courses, who wouldn't have had as many opportunities to use what they learnt in the workplace.

5. Access to University services and community

You don't need to worry about missing out on university life on a degree apprenticeship. You’ll enjoy the same benefits as full-time students, including access to the Librarysports and recreation facilities, and the Students’ Union. You can also get an TOTUM card entitling you to discounts at over 200 UK brands.

6. Flexibility

Our degree apprenticeship courses include a combination of online and University-based learning, so you can access study materials anywhere when you connect to the Web. On most degree apprenticeships, you'll work 4 days and study 1 day for around 30 weeks each year. The day of the week you're at University varies, but will be the same day of the week throughout your course so you can fit your study time into your working routine and other commitments.