3D model of a humanoid elephant - by Curtis Hall

Graduate 2021 Showcase

Featured model by Curtis Hall

Our TIGA-accredited Computer Games Technology and Computer Games Production courses are stimulating, challenging and industry-focussed, preparing our students for a career in our innovative and constantly evolving subject area.

Not only has this year's class shown great skill in the areas of 3D art production, programming, game design, and production, but also demonstrated resilience and adaptability in dealing with the challenges posed by the global pandemic. The students have developed skills supporting remote working that will be helpful in the future as our industry embraces greater flexibility and new ways of working.

Our graduates have used our industry-standard software, game labs, and virtual resources to support their specialist learning to prepare for careers in computer and video games – the world's most successful entertainment industry – and other related industries.

Many of this year's graduates will join alumni who work at some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, including Rockstar Games, Naughty Dog, Frontier, Unity, Rare, and many others.

Our students present examples of their work, demonstrating their passion and enthusiasm for this exciting subject area.

We are proud of our students' accomplishments and adaptability. Well done to you all!

Our student showreels

Watch Gary Hopgood's demo for VR video game 'Area 51 Skate'

I wanted to showcase the ability to work with new APIs for unfamiliar hardware, including consideration of control schemes and how they affect the player’s experience in an immersive VR game. This can be seen in the tactile skateboarding controls for example.

This VR skateboarding project was made in Unity and utilised an unofficial Wii controller API. This enabled the use of the Wii Balance Board via Bluetooth to capture input values. The VR elements were made using various logic from Unity’s XR framework and I collected position and movement data from the HMD to use in the steering controls.

After graduation, I will be looking for programming roles and the completion of this project has made me confident enough to widen my search to include XR-focussed positions.

See Gary's VR game in action. No dialogue.

Watch Erin Bateman's demo for game 'Sloffs'

Sloffs is a free-to-play online multiplayer game where players can explore a virtual jungle-themed world as a sloth! Players can chat with their friends, dress up their sloth character and collect and care for baby sloths.

This game was created as part of my Final Year Project. I used it to study how loneliness can be alleviated through playing online multiplayer games.

Play online at simmer.io

Enjoy Erin's game "Sloffs" and watch someone play the game. No dialogue.

Watch Lauren Ansdell-Miller's demo for game 'Rise of The Jemhaji'

Rise Of The Jemhaji is a casual sci-fi RPG game with puzzle elements developed for Android by BSc (Hons) Computer Games Enterprise student Lauren Ansdell-Miller during her Self-Employed Placement year. The game will be released under Lauren’s own studio, Dyak Studios.

In the game, you can explore the universe of Eridani, get to know its inhabitants, and defeat the enemies who threaten their peaceful existence.

View Lauren's portfolio | View Dyak Studios' portfolio | Follow Dyak Studios on InstagramFollow Dyak Studios on Twitter

Enjoy Lauren's sci-fi RPG game and watch the gameplay. No dialogue.

Watch Curtis Hall's Computer Games 2021 showreel

The first piece in this video showcases my character art. This hybrid elephant character demonstrated inside Unreal Engine 4 was a submission piece for a module titled "Create Worlds". It highlights sculpting, texturing and hard surface modelling skills.

The second piece in this video showcases our first title Beyond Binary. It is a life simulation game where the game puts the player to live out human lives like robots.

Specializing in production work, I hope to become a creative director within the games industry one day.

Outside of academia, I have also been running an independent games studio called Numbskull Studios. We hope to continue the company after leaving university.

Watch some of Curtis' animation work in this introductory showreel. No dialogue.


Watch Kiera Sharley's Computer Games 2021 showreel

I have always wanted to work in the games industry. This course helped me decide to focus on art within games. Over the years of working on projects in this course, I have significantly developed my skills. That being said, I still continue growing. Now that I have finished university, I plan to find a job within the games industry as a 3D artist.

These weapons were made to be used in a steampunk-themed FPS game. To create them, I used Blender and Substance Painter. I learned a lot making them, such as how to create clean-looking hard surfaces and how to use normals to add more detail while keeping textures as optimized as possible for game applications.

View Kian's portfolio | Follow Kian on Twitter

Enjoy Kian's showreel and see some of the animation they've produced while studying with us. No dialogue.

Watch Kian Bennett's Computer Games 2021 showreel


Lordship was my winning entry for the 2021 d3t Rising Star programming challenge and is all about convincing the townsfolk of a randomly generated medieval town to vote for you in the upcoming election, by any means possible. It features a town generated with binary space partitioning, A* pathfinding, and a procedural dialogue system.

Sailing Demo

This ship sailing demo was produced for the Gameplay Programming module, with procedurally generated desert islands, realistic ship physics and Gerstner wave simulation. It's built-in Unity with C# and HLSL for the wave vertex shader.

Jelly Arena

For my Program Consoles coursework, I made a gameplay demo for the Gameboy Advance called Jelly Arena. Featuring up to four-way multiplayer with the GBA's link cable, players battle each other's multicoloured jellies.

Watch Kian's showreel to see some of their top work. No dialogue.