Our students use their creativity, vision and technical skill to transform buildings from the inside out by adapting existing buildings for new purposes and designing stunning, functional interiors to create exciting new spaces.

Browse the magazines below for deeper insight into their design concepts and purposes, and learn how our Interior Architecture and Design degree courses have helped prepare them to work in the creative industries in areas like interior design and retail practice, brand consultancy and visualisation.

Graduate Jessica Burton – our Graduate Show 2019 design winner – also shares her experience of studying BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design.

Anisha Devraja

The Fruitarian Factory

My final project is a cafe space selling vegan meals. Its niche design is an indoor vertical and circular garden space, with suitable fruits, veggies, herbs and spices grown indoors, and selected fruits and veggies grown outdoors. I chose the Bridge Tavern building for this due to its breathtaking river view, which draws centre of attraction for the cafe space. Its target audience is University of Portsmouth students, but people from all age groups are welcome. The aim is to make youths aware of the effects of obesity, be health-conscious, and practice eating healthy organic food.

Catrina Clarke

Feeling O'Canine

My main interest in design is wellness and how the built environment impacts its occupants, and so am particularly enthusiastic about spaces that promote social interaction and health. I look at interior design as a journey, much like art, believing that experimentation, sketches, and models are just as important as the outcome. I developed my hybrid rendering technique over the years at the University of Portsmouth while developing my design identity within my work, one that reflected my experimental, hands-on approach to interior architecture, overlaying the crude sketches to inject life and movement into an image. 

Cerian Frost

Lost at Sea

With a particular interest in the exploration of historic buildings, I find working within the limitations of existing structures has pushed me to think differently and create innovative design solutions, engaging with different subjects. My work has developed through designing exhibition spaces within historic buildings, driven by user experience, fully immersing myself with the subjects to help inform the design. Understanding the historic value of the building has instilled the appreciation of existing materials and how they can be complemented by contemporary materials by layering, concealing and revealing, providing a platform to engage new users through a journey.

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Danielle La'Porte

Bridging the Gap

By proposing several interior concepts as part of the course, I have learned how to creatively problem-solve innovatively through illustrations, models, and technical drawings. During my time at the University of Portsmouth, I was awarded ‘most improved student’ in my second year by learning to experiment out of my comfort zone. I have focussed most of my projects on the creation of unique designs for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which comes from a personal drive to make spaces more inclusive.

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Hayley Huynh

Theatrical Hotel

Responding to Interior Major Project, my approach to the design is creating a theatrical mood and sceneries. Designing the 'Theatrical Hotel' which is outside of my preferred discipline and working in a small space, I was able to conduct an experimental yet atmospheric design to get users to experience beyond the function of the building. I have also looked into the materiality side in a way of understanding a building's characteristics and historical background. There were some areas I did find challenging throughout the year, but with trial and error, I was able to overcome certain problems.

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Jessica Burton

The House

I am a driven young designer with a year of industry experience already. Although I relished implementing design in practice, I really enjoyed my final year at university, having pushed my critical design thinking – resulting in The House.

The House is a place for young adults to learn practical life skills not taught in schools, and instead taught by local businesses. Connected to The House is a smallholding known as The City Farm involving young adults in the production of fruit and vegetables and care of small livestock. The final element of my project is Grandma's House, a social café space.

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Lara Aboulkahir

Rehabilitate in Quebec

Rehabilitate in Quebec is my Interior Major Project, aims to renovate Quebec House in Old Portsmouth to an Art Therapy Space as a ‘retreat from the chaos’ to support disadvantaged women affected by the criminal justice system and helps them transition easier into the modern world with valuable skills, education and aspiration. The space offers a drawing studio, private rooms for therapy and private drawing studios to help in the healing process. It also offers a temporary exhibition space to display the women’s paintings and sculptures. 

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Lydia Harvey

Regenerate: Sustainable Shopping

As someone who is immensely passionate about the natural environment, the majority of my work has taken a sustainable approach towards design. From my dissertation, considering the future of plastic ocean waste within architecture and construction, to the design of a shop and headquarters for a sustainable fashion brand of my own design as my major project. I have designed in a way which encourages an appreciation and understanding of sustainability, working with materials otherwise destined for rubbish which can then be recycled later if necessary. My entire portfolio of work aims to prove that the adoption of sustainable habits is not a hindrance or a nuisance but a fashionable and desirable design feature.

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Mehreen Khan

Energy (NRG) Dance Centre

Energy Dance Centre or ‘NRG’ is a dance centre located on Palmerston road a bustling Portsmouth high street. Dance is an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages that has numerous physical health benefits as well as making friends and expressing and releasing emotions. Therefore, I’ve designed this dance centre to encourage cohesion within Portsmouth’s dance community. The key concept of the design was inspired by Kandinsky’s reductionist drawings of dance figures, which helped determine the key circulation of the building, so walking through the building is like choreography itself. The design makes use of curves to represent the contours of dancer’s bodies and the movements they make with bright colours to embody the energy of dance.

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Nadia Smith

The Art Rooms

Naturally, I am drawn to colour, whether that be the colour of a building, room or object. ‘The Art Rooms’ is an arts centre aimed at encouraging creativity and well-being with a large focus on colour and shape. Throughout this project, I was able to fully express my personal identity through the design to create an immersive and engaging experience for the users. I was also able to build on the technical skills and knowledge I developed during my placement year in an architectural practice and which have benefitted me immensely in this final year.

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Nkem Usiade

Sea X Row

Designing in different disciplines over the years, I;ve found confidence in knowing my approach to design is sensitive and original, giving the user a fair and pleasant experience. My works, Bloom in Earth: a colourful open pavilion for people to talk and tell their own stories. Likewise, Sea x Row: a play and fitness centre aiding in the coastal rebranding of Portsmouth. I also explored a material translation of the space through resin and concrete.; a conceptual expression of the site. Embracing my mistakes, I was able to adapt and create designs I am proud of.

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Riyana Sidek


I was very independent and not very confident in myself when I first started university. Eventually, throughout the years, with the support from my amazing peers and lecturers, I left that shell and stepped out of my comfort zone. In my final year, I believe I've found my identity. I'm now ready to continue my journey into a profession in interior architecture and design. I hope to be challenged and build my confidence further in a place where I can continue to grow, not just as a designer, but also as a person.

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Sarah Perkins

The Ageless Playhouse

It's very rare in life to see multiple generations in the same room all interested in the same thing, but performance manages this due to its ageless and timeless presence. Theatre has always been a passion of mine whether it be the architecture, set design, and of course narratives. Both aspects were a huge inspiration for The Ageless Playhouse, a Workshop Theatre to breach the generational divide within Portsmouth. Following my placement year in industry, my final year at university has been extremely exploratory as I was able to utilise my newfound confidence and skills within design, which was hugely beneficial to my work.

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